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Best Vehicle Wrap Wholesale Services for Print Brokers and Graphic Designers

Vehicle Wraps Wholesale ServicesIf you have a vehicle wrap design but no wide-format printer, our wholesale services for print brokers and graphic designers are the best in the industry. Perhaps you have a client and no way to design, print or install the vehicle wrap? Instead of losing the client, let Sunrise Signs be a silent partner in all of your projects. Let’s take a look at some of the vehicle wraps wholesale services we offer!

Design Consultation

We have in-house graphic designers who are experienced and have worked with the best vehicle wrap software out there today. Our commercial sign company specializes in vehicle wraps along with partial vehicle wraps, window perforations and vehicle vinyl lettering. We can help you:

  • Enhance your vehicle wrap design or help with aftermarket add-on designs.
  • Create an entire design based on your client’s requirements.
  • Review and offer suggestions on current designs.
  • Suggest changes or recommend vehicle wrap calls-to-action like QR codes and social media icons.

Printing Help

Wholesale vehicle wrap printing servicesYou may have the design ready to go and the client has approved the artwork but no access to a wide-format printer. Let us:

  • Print your entire vehicle wrap at our location.
  • Recommend the best vinyl film for your vehicle wrap and print it on our heavy-duty wide-format commercial printer.

Perhaps you have access to a wide-format printer but it’s busy working on other jobs or in need of service. Let us:

  • Help keep your printer busy on those quick money-making jobs and email your digital vehicle wrap design to us. We can print a vehicle wrap in approximately three hours and that’s a lot of free time you can utilize to keep your printer busy.
  • Print the vehicle wrap for you if your printer is down and you have a deadline you cannot miss.

Installation Help

Wholesale vehicle wrap installation servicesIf you are located in the Philadelphia, South Jersey or New York City area, we can provide certified vehicle wrap installers to help complete your vehicle wraps wholesale project. Simply deliver the vehicle and we can install the vehicle wraps for you right in our shop.

If you don’t live within our immediate service area, we can recommend a commercial sign company near your location that also specializes in vehicle wrap installations.

Why Utilize Our Services?

At Sunrise Signs we realize there are many commercial sign companies across the U.S. that can help with all of the above services, however, partnering with us is the best idea because we have worked with many graphic designers, sign companies, print brokers and advertising agencies. We have printed and installed many vehicle wraps on the wholesale level and we know we are the best in the industry.

We also understand some wrap designs can be challenging if you don’t have the best vehicle wrap templates. Maybe the vehicle you need to design the wrap for has add-ons or aftermarket parts making the wrap a little more tricky? This is where we excel and above all, we don’t want you to lose your customer!

Our partnership remains a “silent partnership” no matter what type of wholesale services you require. You shine for your client and we cheer for you in the background.

We also invite you to take a look at our Guide to Vehicle Wraps for Wholesale Clients to learn more about how partnering with our sign company is a win-win situation.

From consultations to suggestions to design help to printing to installing vehicle wraps for our wholesale customers, Sunrise Signs is committed to superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today for a free quote or click below to get started…


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