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Gustoso "Serves Up" Food Trailer Wraps in Trenton NJ

Posted on Fri, Aug, 05, 2016

Gustoso is a Trenton original. This company operates a thriving catering and food truck business. In it for “connecting taste with emotions,” this food is a tasty departure from what you might expect. Calling it artisan Latin fusion, you find Thai ribs rubbing elbows with Venezuelan arepas. Because the business takes its cuisine on the road in a 16-foot trailer, it made sense to invest in a high-quality wrap product that would stand out and make a visual impression that buyers’ taste buds cannot help but confirm.

From Drab to Fab with Food Trailer Wraps in Trenton, NJ

Food Trailer Wraps in Trenton NJ


Before working with the client, the trailer featured a white exterior with a black checker stripe going along its length. There were no identifying marks anywhere on the conveyance. In fact, it still showed some old signage from the product’s prior owner. After consulting with the client, we worked on changing that appearance.

Why you need food trailer and truck wraps in Trenton NJ

Visit Gustoso’s website and you see an attractive color combination of vibrant purple and green tones. We brought out these two tones with a wrap that features a brown backdrop with gradient color changes.

  • Name and logo presentation. Because food truck operators rarely have a brick and mortar restaurant, the trailer has to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building name recognition for the business. The name and logo occupy prominent display areas that will not be obscured by opened serving reach-throughs.
  • Niche information. Adding lettering that identifies the cuisine creates an expectation in the customer that the dishes fulfill. We added a notation that shows this food truck to be available for catering as well.
  • Connections. To ensure that consumers can connect with the company in a variety of ways, we added Facebook and Twitter handles as well as the phone number and website address. A QR (quick response) code offers enhanced online connectivity on the side of the trailer that features the entrance door. We repeated this information on the back of the conveyance.

Food Trailer Wraps in Trenton NJ

The combination of style elements is a successful tool for introducing customers to a food experience that speaks for itself. But because shoppers do not become buyers without something to pique their interest, the wrap must make a fantastic and memorable impression first.

On the Road with a Trailer that Stands Out, Brands, and Advertises the Business

Food Truck Wrap Design Proofs

Food Truck and Trailer Wrap Design Proofs

Design Proofs for Food Trucks and Trailers in Trenton NJ

This trailer is an excellent example of an investment in an advertising solution that does not receive support from a storefront. By selecting a full wrap product that combines expert branding with unrivaled attention to connection opportunities, the company succeeds in spreading the word about its menu makeup and cuisine without having to fall back on secondary markers.

Brand with Food Trailer Wraps in South Jersey

Since the business takes the truck to well-attended events such as the Bazaar at the Mercer County Parks or the Food Truck Rally that takes place there as well, countless consumers receive an introduction to the logo design, lettering spelling out the eatery’s name, and the other style elements that set the tone for the wrap’s appearance. While en route to these types of events, the trailer stands out because of its sheer sizing as a mobile billboard.

Trenton NJ Food Trailer Wraps

If we have inspired you to think through the commission of trailer wraps in Trenton, NJ, for your company, discuss your plans with our graphic artists to get started on the project with a free quote.

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