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Got Laundry Adds to Their Fleet with Chevy Astro Van Wraps

Posted on Mon, Aug, 03, 2015

Chevy Astro van wraps PhiladelphiaGetting your name out there and your brand recognized in a city as large as Philadelphia can be a daunting task. This is especially true when you are in a niche market that few people even realize exists. If you are a small, family-owned enterprise, going with giant billboards or television ads may not be in your budget. Fortunately, there is a cost effective solution that even the smallest businesses can afford: vehicle graphics. Got Laundry? realized this and contact us for Chevy Express van wraps for Philadelphia.

Sunrise Signs had worked with the owners of this laundry service before wrapping a Chevy Astro van. Now it was time to add vinyl graphics to yet another Chevy van.

Our Client Needed Chevy Astro Van Wraps

Owner Ray Wall and his family have been providing an amazing service since 2009. They will come to your home to pick up your dry cleaning or laundry and later return it to you fresh, folded, and clean. Everyone needs to have their clothes clean, but who has the time for this task? Got Laundry? seeks to make life a little bit easier for everyone.

Work van wraps for Philly contractorsGot Laundry? has a motto of “Maybe you dream of never having to do your laundry ever again!” They make this dream a reality. Getting their name from the popular marketing campaign involving a white beverage, Got Laundry? offers twice a week route service and has no minimum order or contracts. With their vehicles on the road so much, they wanted a way to use their vans to spread their brand.

The Challenge

The Wall Family already knew that they could benefit from fleet van wraps, since they were constantly driving around to pick up laundry and dropping it off. Plus, their name demonstrates their marketing savvy. Their challenge for us was to make their van wraps for Philadelphia as memorable and noticeable as the other aspects of their business.

Van Wrap Design Proofs Philadelphia

The Sunrise Solution

Our simple solution for this job was to cover the entire vehicle with the Got Laundry? branding. That means that every side – front, back, left, right, and even the top – got the Got Laundry? logo along with the “Never do laundry again” slogan. We even covered the back windows with the trademark red company color.

The Results

The Wall Family was completed satisfied with the finished job. The driver and passenger sides are virtually identical with the Got Laundry? clothespin logo along with their contact information including their website URL.

Vehicle Graphics for Philadelphia ContractorsWhen you are stuck in traffic, what do you do? You stare idly at the back of the vehicle in front of you. For this reason, we included a bit more information on the back of the van, such as a list of their services: towels and linens, wash and fold, alterations and repairs, and dry cleaning for residential and commercial purposes.

Also, when you are stuck in traffic, you look at your rearview mirror to see what is behind you. And, again, with the logo on the hood of their van, motorists will notice Got Laundry? Finally, we also put the logo on the roof. As people look down from multi-story buildings, they will be hit with the Got Laundry? branding yet again.

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