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Fleet Re-branding of Tweeds Dry Cleaning

Posted on Thu, Apr, 06, 2017

When Tweeds Dry Cleaning decided to redesign their ever expanding fleet they contacted the fleet branding experts here at Sunrise Signs.  



Over the past few months Sunrise Signs has been working with Tweeds Dry Cleaning in their fleet re-design and installation at our vehicle wrap facility located in Gloucester City, NJ. As Tweeds Dry Cleaning started to acquire new fleet vehicles they decided that their current design needed an update. Sunrise Signs was there to help!

A Unique Dry Cleaning Company

Headquartered out of Camden, NJ, Tweeds Dry Cleaning is a pickup and delivery service for all of your laundry needs. Their services include everything from traditional laundry services and dry cleaning, to alterations and fur, as well as shoe and leather repair. Their coverage is significant, servicing areas of NJ, DE, eastern PA, and Westchester County, NY.

Out with the Old!

cropped before.jpgIMG_0065 (1).jpg 

Prior to meeting with Tweeds Dry Cleaning, we asked them to send over any existing graphics or images that they currently use as well as what they would want included in the new layout. The images and graphics gave our designers a chance to start getting ideas for the new layout. We then scheduled a consultation in which, together, Tweeds Dry Cleaning and our designer built the look they wanted to achieve for their fleet. This took about an hour at which point our designer finalized a proof for review. There were some changes that occurred but with a few minor revisions the layout was finalized.

 Tweeds_Driver_Proof.jpg Tweeds_Front&Rear_Proof.jpg

In with the New... Design!

As you can see below, the updated look our designer and Tweeds Dry Cleaning came up with is quite eye catching. The new design used their bowl hat gentleman logo as the focus to catch your attention along with their bold color scheme. The new design highlights the what the business is about. Being eco-friendly is very important to Tweeds Dry Cleaning and with the new design that aspect is more noticeable.


A Clean Finish

Tweeds Dry Cleaning updated their look to better align with their company’s core beliefs. CONVENIENT, CLEAN, AND GREEN is their motto and with their new eye catching design they can reach more clients who could really use their dry cleaning services in their busy life. Sunrise Signs helped Tweeds Dry Cleaning envision the possibilities of their brand and the outcome is impressive. Let Sunrise Signs do the same for your brand!


Sunrise Signs can help you with your brand’s fleet vehicle wraps! Fleet branding with vehicle wraps is an affordable way to get your brand noticed. Wrapped vehicles become a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement! Here at Sunrise Signs we take great pride in helping businesses everywhere build a visual brand people will remember.


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