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Exterior and Interior Dimensional Letters in Blue Bell PA Brand CLX Logistics

Posted on Wed, Aug, 31, 2016

Interior Dimensional Letters in Blue Bell PA

Dimensional letters are quickly taking the number one spot for marketing and branding signage. Available in a broad range of material selections, sizes, and presentations, these products make it possible to communicate a business’ information across the wide expanse of a factory façade or the smaller wall of a standard law firm office. Case in point is CLX Logistics.

Our Client Needed Exterior and Interior Dimensional Letters in Blue Bell, PA

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Blue Bell PA

Located in Suite 200 of Building A at 960 Harvest Drive, CLX Logistics is a supply chain consulting firm that handles transportation management nationally and internationally. This business approached Sage Frog Marketing, a local marketing company powerhouse, to put together an innovative signage look that would communicate CLX Logistics’ brand on the local level as well as nationwide. The experts got to work and designed the artwork for the client. Then, they contacted us to manufacture the product and provide the on-site installation.

The Challenge of Manufacturing Signage Designed by a Third Party

Dimensional Letter Graphic Design Proofs

It is not unusual for a marketing firm to handle the design of a signage product. Usually, companies with an international reach like to work with experts in the field to create signage that is suitable for display on letterhead and websites around the world. Advertising executives handle the process and turn the actual manufacturing over to a full-service sign shop. For the sign maker, the process can be challenging if the marketing pro does not understand the limitations of materials or if problems crop up during a site survey or permitting request. Of course, Sage Frog Marketing is an expert in the field, and there were no challenges of this sort.

The Sunrise Solution

3D Letter Building Signs in Blue Bell PA

We created a set of proofs that showed the marketing firm how we intended to handle the manufacture of the products. For the interior 3D letters, we proposed the use of one-inch-thick Gatorfoam that the manufacturer rates for indoor use. We would mount a quarter-inch brushed aluminum laminate to the fronts, which gives the illusion of seeing a letter that is made of metal through and through. Since the company name’s logo features a globe, we suggested following the same manufacturing technique but adding an imprinted vinyl overlay to reflect the design. Once we received approval, we produced the elements of the sign and installed them with stud mounts.

Stud Mounted Interior Dimensional Letters in Blue Bell PA

For the exterior sign, we submitted proofs that specify the use 1.5-inch-deep, two-pound sign foam, manufacturer rated for outdoor usage, and presented with a quarter-inch-thick aluminum laminate. For the globe logo in this setting, we opted again for cut vinyl that we applied to the surface. After the marketing company had approved this setup as well, we made the letters and logo. Next, we sent out our installers to stud-mount the sign components to the brick of the façade.

The Final Results Speak for Themselves!

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs in Blue Bell PA

The finished signage is an excellent example of what happens when a marketing firm and a full-service sign shop collaborate on a project for a client. We provided long-lasting, attractive exterior and interior dimensional letters in Blue Bell, PA, for a company that uses the signage as a marketing and branding tool around the world. It can do so confidently with these products that combine superior manufacturing techniques with long-lived material choices for a professional display.

3D Letter Lobby Logo Signs in Blue Bell PA

When you need dimensional letters for the interior or exterior of your building, or both, contact our experts for a free quote today!

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