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CW Clarke Auto Center Wraps Chevy Tahoe and Ford F550 Flatbed!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 11, 2015

Auto dealership fleet wraps South JerseyIf you run a used car dealership, you do not need us to tell you how competitive the industry can be. Every town has a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to buying a used car. In addition to the many dealerships, there is even competition with private sales. How can a business owner stand out from the competition and attract new buyers? These days, the most cost effective method is with fleet vehicle wraps for auto centers in Gloucester, NJ.

Our Client Needed Chevy Tahoe and Ford F550 Wraps

Located on Route 130 in Gloucester, NJ, C. W. Clarke Auto Center has been serving the Delaware Valley for more than a quarter of a century. The have over 150 vehicles in stock and specialize in providing cars to people of all financial situations.

Flatbed trailer cab wraps New JerseyC. W. Clarke has a couple of company vehicles they utilize on a regular basis. They use a Chevy Tahoe to take care of various odd jobs, including plowing in the winter, and they use a Ford F550 flatbed to pick up new cars. With these vehicles in front of potential customers’ eyes on a daily basis, they decided it was time to get Ford F550 and Chevy Tahoe vehicle wraps for South Jersey.

The Challenge

Our professional graphic designers were given the challenge of incorporating C. W. Clarke’s already existing branding along with their contact information and selling points into wraps for these two vehicles. The flatbed posed a special challenge because there was a not a whole lot of space to work with: basically, just the passenger and driver’s side door areas.

The Sunrise Solution

Trailer Cab Wrap Design Proofs

We listened closely to what C. W. Clarke had in mind for their wraps during an in-depth initial consultation. We produced vehicle wrap design proofs for them based on their goals. We were able to fit their logo and contact information on the sides of the flatbed along with the sides and rear of the Tahoe. Once they approved of the designs, we got right down to work printing and installing the Chevy Tahoe wrap and Ford F550 flatbed trailer wraps for South Jersey.

The Results

Chevy Tahoe Vehicle Wraps South JerseyAs you can see, we knocked this project out of the park. For the flatbed, with the limited amount of space we had, we needed to prioritize what people saw. The company name stands out along with their branded red coloring around the windows. Next, the eye goes to their phone number and website. Below is a bit of marketing copy. And, finally, their address is at the bottom.

We were able to have a little bit more fun with the Tahoe. As with the flatbed, the company name and colors really stand out. However, with the Tahoe, we utilized perforated vinyl over the windows, so we would have even more room to work with. Vinyl window perf is great because it allows the driver to still have complete visibility out of the windows. Another feature we included in the Tahoe’s wrap is the addition of a QR code, so smartphone users can easily visit their outstanding website.

In the end, C. W. Clarke was totally satisfied with their wraps. Now, as they go about their daily business, more used car shoppers will see their brand.

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