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Cabinet Sign Refacing for Patriot Car Wash in Gloucester City NJ

Posted on Tue, Aug, 16, 2016

Cabinet Sign Refacing Gloucester City NJLocated at 1321 Crescent Boulevard, the Patriot Car Wash is a business that offers motorists the opportunity of cleaning off dusty cars via an express wash or self-serve setting. Due to its advantageous location, getting in and out of the venue is a snap, which endears the locale to drivers who dislike the tedious aspects of navigating oncoming traffic when trying to exit other car washes. A large pylon with a double-sided cabinet sign directs drivers to the company’s location.

Stormy Winds Cause the Need for Cabinet Sign Repairs in Gloucester City, NJ

The large sign is a hallmark of the Patriot Car Wash. But when a windstorm caused considerable damage to the cabinet portion of the sign, the venue was – for a short time – without easily visible signage. The business’ management team contacted us to rectify this problem.

The Challenge: Provide a Wayfinding Instrument that Doubles as a Branding and Marketing Tool

Cabinet Sign Repairs Gloucester City NJ

A sign in need of repairs!

The company’s owners liked the cabinet setup. We sent our technicians to evaluate the sign for any structural damage. We take this step before doing any refurbishing or restoration work. In addition to assessing the scope of the project, we also gauge the overall structural safety of the sign’s setup. In the case of the Patriot Car Wash, the pylon and the cabinet structure were in excellent shape and both have plenty of life left in them.

Repairing a Sign the Sunrise Way

Cabinet Signs in Gloucester City NJ

The new sign face!

After sketching out the facings for the double-sided cabinet sign, we asked our client to approve the appearance. We follow this protocol even when we copy a design’s prior look. Doing so allows the client to make any last-minute color or design changes s/he may have thought about previously. With the design approved, we manufactured a semi-transparent, white polycarbonate facing that displays the business’ name and logo in red, black, blue, and yellow.

Cabinet sign installation Gloucester City NJ

Cabinet Sign Refacing South Jersey

Installing the new sign!

The lettering spells out the “self-serve” and “express wash” aspects of the business. The emphasis of the sign is on the “carwash” notation, which addresses motorists coming from both directions of the street. Since we directly imprinted the lettering onto the substrate, the product will last for a long time. Next, we scheduled a day and time that would be convenient for the business’ owners to have our installers come out and mount the facings to the cabinet structure.

Relying on our aerial lift truck, we transported the facings and our installers with their tools right to the box structure. Going about their tasks with care, these pros expertly placed the polycarbonate sheets into their grooves and secured them. Once finished, the sign once against combines the advertising and wayfinding functions it had fulfilled before the windstorm damaged it.

The Integral Importance of Wayfinding Signs

Repairing Cabinet Signs in Gloucester City NJ

Because of the car wash’s setting, the business relies on the pylon with its double-sided cabinet to act as a directional marker that brings in customers who are still a fair distance away. When the damage eliminated this function, the company’s owners understood at once that they needed speedy sign repairs in Gloucester City, NJ. Every hour that the car wash spent without a functioning directional signage setup was an hour that prospective business interactions could be lost.

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