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South Jersey Vehicle Wraps: Basement Waterproofing Company

South Jersey Vinyl Vehicle WrapsAre you a contractor in South Jersey? If so, you may find it hard to reach your local market. When consumers are in need of contractors, most find them via an Internet search. They narrow down the search results by inserting industry specialties: Electricians South Jersey, Basement waterproofing South Jersey, etc. So, what are the chances your business will stand out all alone? Zero, because the Internet is now the place where people search for the products and services they need. Potential clients will be given results for many contractors offering the same services you do. So how do you reach locals in the cities and towns you serve? By investing in the one ad tool that is extremely effective—full vehicle wraps.

Our Client Wanted Van Wraps

Case in point was our client Dry Guys Basement Systems located at 450 North Main Street in Woodstown NJ in Salem County. This contractor serves many areas in South Jersey including Atlantic County, Cape May County, Salem County, Camden County, Cumberland, and Gloucester. So, we already know consumers will find many contractors that specialize in what Dry Guys offers from a Google search such as:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Basement wall products
  • Waterproof flooring options
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Basement window fixes
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Structural Repairs

Van wraps South JerseyBut to win the local market game, Dry Guys Basement Systems contacted Sunrise Signs to wrap their Ford Econoline Van with standout graphics consumers will notice. And, because 95 percent of consumers surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw, chances are if someone is in need of any of their services, they may skip the Internet search because they remember this contractor specifically and will type in their name into a search engine.

The Challenge

As a certified Basement Systems® dealer, Dry Guys wanted a van design that instantly popped but also connected with consumers—even on a subconscious level. Their Ford Econoline van already had some spot graphics on it, but these graphics alone weren’t enough to reach the target market of this South Jersey contracting business.

Our client wanted to convey they were a Foundation SupportWorks dealer. And, after our consultation with them, we learned they also wanted a discount offer viewers would notice and of course the insertion of their alligator mascot. The challenge was accepted and using the latest vehicle wrap software and vehicle templates, our designers went to work.

The Sunrise Solution

Because this contractor is one out of 300 dealers in five counties (and ranked #28), vibrant, memorable and vivid Ford Econoline van wraps were essential. As seen in the full van wrap proofs below, you can see our designers came up with a winning wrap from all sides:

Basement waterproofing vehicle wraps South Jersey

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps 

Contractor vehicle wraps South Jersey

After artwork approval, we utilized our large format, heavy duty printer to fabricate these van wraps and proceeded with expert installation!

The Results

The finished result of this project was indeed amazing. On the passenger side of these Ford Econoline van wraps viewers instantly see the alligator/umbrella mascot. While the mascot may initially grab the eyes, the passenger side also reveals they are partnered with Foundation SupportWorks. Beneath this text is their telephone number and tagline of “All Things Basement: And Crawl Spaces Too.”  Catchy text in the middle of the passenger side of these van wraps, Need a Lift, was inserted with a small menu list of some of the services they offer. On the door of the passenger side, we inserted the company name/logo and that the offer responsible waterproofing. Vibrant greens and yellows are the base color of the van wraps but we also inserted graphic of a cracking brick foundation in need of repair.

On the driver’s side of the Ford Econoline van, we kept the vivid base colors and on the driver’s door repeated the Foundation SupportWorks text.  Using vinyl window perf on the driver’s side middle windows viewers easily see their website address and toward the rear, the repeated alligator mascot. “Waterproofing,” “All Things Basement And Crawl Spaces Too” are also repeated on the driver’s side in much larger text. The Waterproofing text stands out in black and we used bright red for the Basement text. This is how our vehicle wrap designers make consumers connect with visuals: Waterproofing/Basement—easily seen and easily remembered. Finally on the driver’s side is a repeated list of some of the services they offer.

For the rear of these Ford Econoline van wraps, window perf is blended with the vinyl film. Instantly viewers see their discount offer in a white bubble-type graphic connected to their alligator/umbrella mascot. The website address is repeated as is, ",” which works nicely as it is also the name of this service contractor’s business. More text reveals “We Service Everyone Sumps,” along with another menu list of services and their telephone number. Finally, on the hood, the is repeated along with their recognizable gator mascot.

This is one contractor that is part of a network of dealers, however, they are now marketing locally as they drive the streets and highways of their service areas.

We know full van wraps for South Jersey contractors get noticed—a lot more than contractors that choose to stick with the all-white work vehicle. We know their power. Let us show you how to market your business locally. We make it easy to get a quote…


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Now, on to some larger images of these amazing Ford Econoline van wraps…

South Jersey vehicle wraps and graphics

Vinyl vehicle wraps Philadelphia

Contractor van graphics South Jersey

Ford Econoline van wraps South Jersey

Ford Econoline Van Wraps Philadelphia

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