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Foundation Repair Contractor Adds Franchise Vehicle Wraps to Boost Brand Locally!

Ford F150 Franchise Truck Wraps and Graphics PAIs there a more competitive field than the service contractor industry? From electricians to plumbers  and everything in between, the industry is full of those we need to repair items that are broken with top notch solutions or add new items when the old ones need to go. One such contractor—Ram Jack offers foundation repair and this franchise contracting company is especially in demand as of late. But, how can a franchisee build its brand locally? Franchise fleet vehicle wraps!

Our Client Wanted Fleet Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Located on 317 Earles Lane in Newton Square PA, Ram Jack offers their services to the tri-state area including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Damage to foundations can happen for many reasons including hurricane and flood damage, cracks in brick or drywall, and cracks in slabs or the foundation itself.

Enter Ram Jack, a certified installer of the patented helical steel piling system. Engineers believe this system is the strongest foundation repair technology today. Not only does it stop foundation damage in its tracks, repairs are warrantied for the life of the home and the warranty is transferrable. When homeowners go to sell houses with foundation repairs, the transferrable warranty means new owners will feel safe the structure is sturdy for life!

When becoming a franchisee, sure you may get national advertising, but you also need to brand your business locally.

The Challenge

Ford F550 Franchise truck wrapsRam Jack came to Sunrise Signs with two vehicles, a Ford F550 truck and a Ford F150 pickup and the design for their fleet graphics. One challenge was to ensure these vehicles matched in color exactly—which is done via our PMS color matching system. Another was to take their artwork and using the latest vehicle templates, make sure the design was as desired.

Of course we also wanted to add the elements they desired so consumers in their service area would know Ram Jack is the company to call for foundation repairs. And, in this industry it was also important for Ram Jack to be visible to general contractors and builders that may require their services.

The Sunrise Solution

With artwork in hand, our designers delivered the proofs for both the Ford F550 which received a partial wrap and for the Ford F150, which received a full truck wrap.

First, are the proofs for the Ford F150 full truck wraps:

Ford F150 Truck Wraps

Franchise Truck Wraps PA
Pictures of Truck Wrap Proofs

Next, are the designer proofs for the Ford F550 partial truck wraps:

Ford F550 Partial Truck Wraps PA
Image of Ford F550 Partial Vehicle Wraps

Ford F550 Pickup Truck Wraps 

The Results

For the Ford F550 partial truck wraps, the sides received graphics that revealed their business name and “Ram” logo and underneath, what they offer: Foundation Solutions. For the hood, the Ram Jack logo is embedded atop black vinyl with their logo in contrasting white and red. The sides of these partial wraps also received the white, red and black franchisor colors.

For the Ford F150 full truck wraps, the plan was to keep it simple. White vinyl is the base and on the sides, are the company name, logo, telephone number and most important, their local website address of RAMJACKTRI.COM.  The local URL will take viewers straight to the tri-state area website. Also on the sides is a reminder they offer Foundation Solutions along with their toll-free telephone number. On the rear of these pickup truck wraps their logo was repeated as was their "Foundation Solutions." On the hood of the cab, the same company logo was embedded. As with the Ford F550 partial wraps, the Ford F150 full truck wraps bear the same company colors of red, black and white.

When a contractor has fleet vehicles that are on the road, it’s essential colors match exactly—not just sort of similar—but exactly. This is so important in building a brand. As these two Ford pickup trucks drive the city streets and highways of the tri-state area, they will be remembered. In part because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the graphicsthey saw—and also because they are clear and to the point, conveying what this contractor does.

Do you own a contractor franchise and want to ensure you’re building a brand locally? Why not choose vehicle wraps—whether they are partial or full fleet wraps, their noticeability is the same. And, we make it easy to get a quote…


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Now on to some larger images of these amazing franchise truck wraps…

Fleet truck wraps for franchises PA

Fleet vehicle wraps for PA Contractors

Contractor fleet vehicle wraps PA

Ford Pickup Truck Wraps for Contractors

Franchise Fleet vehicle graphics PA

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