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Sepco Painting Brands Big with 3 Ford E250 Van Wraps in NJ!

Posted on Mon, Dec, 01, 2014

Painting Contractor Fleet Van Wraps South JerseyDo you own a contracting business? If you’re not big on websites and social media, there is a very effective branding and marketing tool you should consider adding to your advertising budget—work van wraps! Sepco Protective Coatings & Painting, LLC came to Sunrise Signs with three Ford E250 vans pumped about fleet wraps and how easily they could spread the word about their business.

Our Client Needed Fleet Van Wraps

Sepco Protective Coatings and Painting is located at 52 Valley Court in Clementon NJ in Camden County. They are licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and have a large service area. Founded in 2011, this painting contractor offers residential, commercial and industrial Ford E250 van wrapsprotective coating and painting services. When a new contractor bursts into a competitive field, there are new business operating expenses and one of those costs is indeed, advertising.

Other start-up costs include the vehicles they need to travel to and from client’s homes, offices and construction sites. The smart management team at Sepco had three Ford E250 vans and while they build their marketing plan to include other ad tools like a consumer website and social media pages, they knew work van wraps would be a great starting point to get the word rolling about their services.

The Challenge

There are house painters and then there are painting contractors that specialize in a niche area. For Sepco it was protecting coatings and painting that would last for the long haul. The challenge for our in-house vehicle wrap designers was to find a way to portray that niche market with the right van wrap design.

Of course with their vehicles on the road and at jobsites each day, the opportunity for visual views can reach up to 70,000 per day, per van, so our designers right away sought a design that was not just memorable but would help Sepco build their brand quickly.

The Sunrise Solution

These fleet van wraps had to pop with vibrant colors and graphics that included their tools of their contractor trade. Using the latest vehicle templates and design software, we first showed the artwork proofs below to our client to gain feedback:

Painting Contractor Van Wrap Proofs

Fleet van wrap proofs 

Images of Ford E250 van wrap proofs

Of course they were instantly delighted and we went straight to work printing these van wraps on our large format printer. What was especially essential is that these vans all match exactly in color and design and that’s easy for Sunrise Signs due to our PMS color matching system.

The Results

Once printed on high-quality vinyl film (and we keep many types and manufacturers in stock), this fleet of Ford E250 van wraps really came out exceptional.

A bright blue is the primary color base for these fleet wraps. For each side we embedded their company name using a “distressed” look in a darker blue with paint dripping from the letters. Viewers also easily see their telephone number, email address and that they offer residential, industrial and commercial services.

A nice touch is their phone number which is embedded in a yellow paint stripe that ends with a paint brush. A paint roller slides down building graphics and we added paint splatters of greens, reds and yellows to finish out the sides of these van wraps.

For the rear, the building graphics run around the side edges and the business name is easy to see on the rear windows—we used matching vinyl window perf film. The commercial, industrial and residential services are repeated on the rear as is their telephone number. More paint splashes appear as does their motto:  When Quality & Dependability are what Counts. The hood of these fleet vehicle wraps are also "splashed" with color, the company name repeated and their telephone number for optimal viewing.

Viewing even one of these three Ford E250 vans and consumers can quickly tell what this painting and protective coating contractor offers—and that’s the way to brand!

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Now on to some larger images of these fleet van wraps…

Contractor fleet van wraps South Jersey

Fleet wraps for South Jersey contractors

South Jersey Fleet vehicle wraps

Contractor branding with fleet van wraps South Jersey

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