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Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Talks to the Thirsty with Truck Wraps in NYC!

Posted on Thu, Sep, 04, 2014

Beverage delivery box truck wraps BrooklynAn amazing chef, an inventor and restaurateur is what many call Bruce Cost, the founder of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.  When Sunrise Signs was lucky enough to partner with Mr. Cost to help spread the word on his ginger ale line-up, we happily took on the challenge—all the way to Brooklyn!

The Client Needed Trucks Wraps in NYC

It was back in that famous year, 1984 that Bruce Cost penned the cookbook, Ginger East to West. Albeit a small book of recipes, it outlined the history of “ginger” and its journey around the world. In Ginger East to West, the origins of ginger ale were also revealed.

In 1989, Cost introduced a ginger herbal ale at his Monsoon Restaurant in San Francisco and later (without the herbs) at Cost’s Ginger Island in Berkeley and Ginger Club in Palo Alto, CA. By 1995, Cost was in Chicago and opened two restaurants; the Big Bowl and Wow Bao under the business umbrella name of “Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.” With these eatery openings, Cost brought along his ginger ale recipe and subsequently began producing it in Chicago, offering it to eleven restaurants in the area. Today and 14 restaurants later, over 4 million glasses of his trademarked ginger ale have been sold and along with his partners Joseph and Terry Tang of Brooklyn, NY, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale can now be found in a plethora of places around the world.

With the selling of bottled beverages comes a delivery vehicle—a box truck to be exact. So as novelist William Styron would say, “In a place as strange as Brooklyn,” Sunrise Signs was welcomed into the world of the now famous “Unfiltered” Bruce Cost Ginger Ale!

The Challenge

Many times a client will come to us with artwork and that’s just what Bruce Cost Ginger Ale did. Our challenge would be to ensure exact color matching of the artwork which we easily took on using our PMS color match process.

With artwork in hand, our designers, heavy-duty large format printers and installers—and the client awaited the very first proof for the box truck wraps.

The Sunrise Solution

We took the screenshot below right from the company’s website.

Beverage company box truck wrapsIt clearly shows the ginger ale products they sell along with sumptuous descriptions. The bottle artwork was provided to Sunrise Signs and from there our in-house graphic designers went to work on creating a stunning box truck wrap.

The Results

Below is our proof and one can see the similarities are clear, bright and crisp.

Delivery box truck wraps NYC

At Sunrise Signs, most of our vehicle wrap installs are at our location in NJ, however for Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, we headed out to Brooklyn with installers in tow to wrap the truck.

The project including wrapping the sides of the box truck with graphics that reveal the products they sell and their slogan: You don’t have to imagine the ginger,” because no artificial flavors are used in this beverage. The beverage containers stand out nicely on a white background and we also embedded a Facebook logo along with their social media name so viewers could easily find this beverage company online.

Although the project started in our warehouse, it did indeed end in a place as strange as Brooklyn and that's pretty cool—at least we think so.

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Now on to some larger images of this amazing project and in one image, you’ll see Bruce Cost himself sitting right in the driver’s seat…

Box truck wraps NYC

Delivery box truck wraps Brooklyn

Box truck wraps Brooklyn

Images of box truck wraps

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