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Stunning Fiat 500 Convertible Car Wraps for New York City Tech Company

Posted on Wed, Aug, 20, 2014

Fiat 500 Car WrapsNeedTech is located in Maspeth NY in Queens County and calls their business a “byte-sized IT consulting company.” Their services, however, are vast including all types of IT needs and web services. IT firms travel quite a bit and the vehicles they arrive in can advertise for them and offer that great first impression, especially when wrapped!

The Client

Founded in 2011, NeedTech provides network and server installations (and maintenance). They also offer surveillance systems and Web services that include domain registration, hosting, dynamic and static website, content management systems and custom web applications.

Both software and hardware solutions are on their menu list of services and because they have a vast array of offerings, they can customize a plan for every business, no matter the size or budget.

From installing networks to repairing computers to virtual surveillance systems to networking wireless routers to cable setups, this IT company is keeping its surrounding business community up and running.

Virus protection and server crashes are easily prevented via the technology they offer. Or, they can step in and help a business who has a system that needs a total revamp. As their website says, NeedTech reminds its customers “Why go to larger IT firms that will treat your business without care? If you choose our IT firm, then you will have a more personalized approach to your problems.”

The Challenge

NeedTech realized the vehicle they use to travel from client to client, a Fiat 500 Convertible—which is smart and fuel efficient for the crowded areas they serve, that advertising on this company asset would indeed get them recognized and boost brand identity.

The challenge our in-house graphic designers faced was coming up with an eye-grabbing and noticeable car wrap design that would not just gain attention, but sell their services as a 24/7 moving billboard.

Images of car wrap proofs

A good place for our designers to begin a car wraps project is to not only talk to the client, but also visit their website and social media pages to see their company colors, logos, etc.

The Sunrise Solution

IT tech company car wrapsOur solution to these Fiat 500 Convertible car wraps are indeed stunning. The designer used the blacks, greys and reds of their website for consistent branding purposes. On the sides of the car wraps, we embedded their “circle” logo which consists of USB cables and their website address. Of course their telephone number and email are prominently placed. Also on the sides of these car wraps we used contrasting stripes and the front sides are red while the rear sides are grey to match their corporate colors.

Their circle logo appears on the hood of these Fiat 500 Convertible car wraps and on the rear the main elements were included, however, we added a short list of the services they offer and in big letters: Install * Maintain * Repair.

Because they can use their telephone number as easy-to-remember text, the number appears as: 844-I-NeedTech.

The Results

As this Fiat 500 Convertible traverses the city streets and freeways in and around the areas they serve, it is one moving pictorial of their business that is hard to miss. This is the power of vehicle wraps and because just one wrapped vehicle can achieve up to 70,000 visual views in just one day, with these car wraps, NeedTech gains a bigger chance of consumers calling them first.

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Now on to some larger images of these amazing Fiat 500 car wraps…

Car wraps NYC

Vinyl car wraps New York City

Fiat 500 Convertible Car wraps NYC

Vehicle wraps NYC

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