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Bravo! Building Services Adds Fleet Spot Vinyl Vehicle Graphics to Vans in New Jersey!

Posted on Fri, Aug, 08, 2014

Spot vinyl fleet vehicle graphicsWhen fleet vehicles are essential to your business, an affordable way to build your brand and advertise while on the road is via the use of vinyl spot vehicle graphics. When Bravo! Building Services came to use with a Chevy Express van and a Ford Econoline van, after an initial consultation, the decision to add vinyl graphics to these two vehicles was something the client and Sunrise Signs was excited about!

The Client

Bravo! Building Services offers industrial cleaning, building maintenance, security, mail processing, painting, window cleaning and even help if your business needs relocation assistance. They are able to offer these services through a large database of affiliated companies they have under their corporate umbrella. With services outsourced to local businesses, Bravo! is offering a win-win for both the client and their affiliates.

Vinyl van graphics for contractorsHeadquartered in Green Brook, New Jersey, they also have offices in Arlington, VA, Charlotte, NC, Bentonville, AR and New Castle, DE. And, Bravo! Is ranked as the 32nd largest woman-owned business in the United States.

Their mission is to “Lead the industry in world-class facility support services throughout the Northeast region of the U.S” and they are CIMS-GB certified. That’s not an easy feat as all organizations certified as being environmentally-friendly must complete written documentation and endure an on-site review of the organization’s systems and processes.

The Challenge

Bravo! Building Services was lucky to have two fleet vehicles that are similar in size and appearance—a Ford Econoline van and a Chevrolet Express van. Both vans are white as is common in the contractor services industry. What they lacked, however, was a branding element.

The service contractor industry is indeed competitive. What many avoid, however, is not taking advantage of one of their biggest assets to advertise—their fleet vehicles.

The Sunrise Solution

Vinyl spot graphics are an affordable way to take your all-white vehicles and quickly add brand building elements. And, because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw, these graphics were also a smart solution for Bravo! Building Services.

Spot vehicle graphics for fleets

Even though our in-house designers were challenged with designing vinyl graphics for two different vehicles, once the client was presented with our proof, they were excited and ready to get started on the fabrication and installation!

The Results

Our designers used their corporate colors and logo symbols as the main element of these vehicle spot graphics. Often, keeping graphics simple is the better choice. We included their swoosh logo of blue and green, their certification badges, toll-free telephone number and what they do: Janitorial-Mechanical-Facility Services right on the sides of these vans.

Side-by-side, a viewer might not even be able to tell these two vans are two different manufacturer models. When our vinyl graphics are designed, especially for a fleet that contains a variety of makes and models, our designers use only the most recent vehicle templates to ensure consistency in the end-appearance of the graphics.

Now Bravo! Building Services is able to gain up to 70,000 visual views in just one day (per vehicle) as their Chevy Express and Ford Econoline vans are out on the road servicing their clients.

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Now, on to some larger images of these amazing van graphics…

Nationwide fleet vehicle graphics

What are spot vehicle graphics

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