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Cape Atlantic Landscaping Advertises with Cargo Trailer Wraps in New Jersey

Posted on Tue, Aug, 05, 2014

Landscaper Cargo Trailer Wraps NJContractors use all sorts of vehicles not just to travel to client’s homes, but also to carry their tools of the trade. This is especially true for landscapers that rely on specialized equipment to keep lawns, gardens and backyards looking fabulous. When Cape Atlantic Landscaping of North Cape May, NJ came to us with a cargo trailer, we were happy to help.

The Client

Cape Atlantic Landscaping was founded by two brothers, Shawn and Traci Genovese in 1989. From humble beginnings, their business has grown and now includes several crews that work in their service areas, state-of-the-art equipment, and unmatched design and installation experience.

While general lawn maintenance is one of their services, they also offer help with specialty gardens like herb and flower gardens, pruning, ponds, gazebos, patios and more. In fact, their love for the outdoors has made Cape Atlantic Landscaping a top choice for backyard designs that are one-of-a-kind in style, look and of course provide the comfort and feel their clients desire.

They can also help with BBQ pits and decks, gutter cleaning, snow and ice removal and even haul away Christmas trees.

A contractor that provides this many services needs a large cargo trailer but they also need to make sure the work vehicle they arrive in is professional looking to make that great first impression.

The Challenge

After they contacted Sunrise Signs to inquire about cargo trailer wraps, our in-house designers went right to work. Using the latest vehicle wrap design software, they were able to offer Cape Atlantic Landscaping three proofs to review; one for each side of the cargo trailer and one to reveal how the rear of the trailer would look (as seen in the screenshots below).

Example of trailer wrap proofs

Images of landscaping trailer wraps

Vehicle wraps proofs NJ

The challenge for our designers was to create the perfect trailer wraps that instantly portrayed what this landscaping business offers using imagery, graphics and other must-have vehicle wrap elements.

The Sunrise Solution

Once the proofs were approved, next we relied on our large format, heavy-duty printer—and these wraps are truly outstanding.

One side features a top menu using 3D vinyl lettering listing just some of their services: Lawn services, hardscape installs, landscape lighting, and native and perennial gardens. The green and blues utilized in these trailer wraps complements their logo nicely as do the “waves” at the bottom sides of these wraps to reinforce their location. Their phone number and website address are also placed prominently as well as their NJ contractor’s license number.

The other side matches exactly as far as colors, however, text was placed over the home image to accommodate the door. Our designers are adept at graphic design placement no matter what type of vehicle is offered for the project at hand.

For the rear of these trailer wraps, the same elements are repeated albeit now their services are listed in bullet point form making them easy to read.

The Results

Now, as Cape Atlantic Landscaping drives from job to job and home to home, this trailer stands out. It is an attention-getter and advertises all on its own 365 days a year, even when parked.

This crisp and fresh design boasts to consumers that this landscaper is a professional who takes their services seriously. Wouldn’t you like your contractor work vehicles to do the same? If so, we make it easy to get a quote…

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Now, let’s look at some larger images of these amazing cargo trailer wraps…

Cargo Trailer Wraps for Landscapers
Cargo trailer wraps for Landscapers
Contractor cargo trailer wraps
Vehicle wraps for landscapers

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