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Fibrenew of Cherry Hill NJ Brands with Franchise Vehicle Wraps!

Fibrenew franchise partial vehicle wraps NJWhen you choose to become a franchisee of a company with over 200 worldwide locations, you need a way to brand your business locally. Case in point is the new owner of Fibrenew of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The Client

Bill McHugh is the proud owner of Fibrenew of Cherry Hill. If you haven’t heard about this franchise business, it’s revolutionizing the way consumers can now reap the rewards of restoring damaged leather, plastics, vinyl, fabric and upholstery in their cars, homes, offices and even on boats and RVs.

As their website says, Fibrenew of Cherry Hill “Has the expertise to restore, refurbish, re-dye and repair virtually any type of damage to leather, plastics, vinyl, fabric and upholstery." Why replace when now you can restore?

From automotive to aviation to commercial furniture to even items damaged by pets, chances are Fibrenew can help. In addition, because restoring is better than replacing, this franchise definitely falls in the eco-friendly category. Imagine the items that sit in landfills that could have been repaired instead of dumped? Yes, Fibrenew is truly green in its efforts and also offers professional and at-your-location repairs at a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your damaged goods.

It’s no wonder, owner Bill McHugh chose this franchise opportunity!

The Challenge

Because Fibrenew offers on-site repairs, naturally they needed to bring their services to clients in attractive work vehicles. If the company vehicle is outstanding, that builds confidence and trust.

That’s when Bill McHugh contacted Sunrise Signs to see how his GMC Yukon could benefit from vehicle graphics that not only made his SUV shine but would also brand his franchise locally. Sunrise Signs had to ensure the design was within the franchisor specs as far as brand standards. Naturally, we reached out to Fibrenew so the finished product would meet their requirements and still achieve the local marketing the franchisee desired.

The Sunrise Solution

Our in-house graphic designers worked with the franchisee and the franchisor to create a stunning design and as we here at Sunrise Signs always do, the proof below was sent to the client for approval:

Partial Vehicle Wraps for Franchises 

We are very adept at taking franchisor logos and graphics and creating eye-grabbing, one-of-a-kind vehicle graphics and that’s just what we did for this GMC Yukon—a partial vehicle wrap that offers corporate and local branding!

The Results

Once the proof is approved, the next step is to print and install the partial wrap. This is possible due to our huge inventory of vinyl films and our large format printers. Next comes the installation and again, perfection is always our goal.

The results are indeed amazing.  Since we had some experience with a Fibrenew franchisee in Bridgewater, New Jersey—we partially wrapped their Chevy HHR, at project end, these GMC Yukon SUV partial wraps brand, advertise, market and help this franchisee shine—especially locally.

On the passenger side, we inserted the Fibrenew logo and added checked box graphics of what they do—Restore, Re-Dye, Repair, Renew.  Under the logo, viewers can see this franchise’s location “Cherry Hill, NJ,” which is essential for local branding. Their website URL and telephone number also appear on the sides of this partial vehicle wrap. Also included is the recognized “environmentally-friendly” symbol, how this franchise is locally owned and operated along with 3D-like images of the types of things they can repair—an auto, a boat, a plane, and a sofa.

On the driver’s side of these GMC Yukon partial vehicle wraps and around to the rear, all of the above elements are repeated for optimal viewing.

Now as Fibrenew of Cherry Hill drives the areas it serves, their GMC Yukon SUV has been turned into a 24/7 moving billboard that never stops advertising, even when parked at client locations.

Franchise vehicle wraps are an affordable way to ensure you are able to include corporate branding but also strengthen your local brand. If you’re interested in partial vehicle wraps to brand your franchise, we make it easy to get a quote…


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Now, let’s take a look at some larger images of this franchise vehicle wrapped to perfection…

Franchise vehicle wraps NJ

Partial vehicle wraps Cherry Hill NJ

GMC Yukon Partial vehicle wraps NJ

Fibrenew franchise vehicle wraps

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