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Gloucester City Police Takes Advantage of Reflective Graphics on Two Ford SUV Interceptors!

Reflective Vinyl Graphics for NJ Police DepartmentsLocated on 313 Monmouth Street, in Gloucester County, NJ in Camden County is the Gloucester City Police Department. To help their Ford SUV Interceptor patrol vehicles to be seen easily in both day and night, they asked Sunrise Signs to install reflective graphics. Now, it’s hard to miss these patrol cars or as we call them—law enforcement vehicles on steroids!

About the Department

The police department in Gloucester City covers approximately 2.782 square miles and as of the 2010 Census, the town has a population of a little over 11,400 residents. Their motto is Honor, Loyalty, Duty, Integrity and Courage and the department is overseen by police Chief George Berglund.  The Deputy Assistant Chief is Kenneth Eller. As with all other local law enforcement agencies, their website recommends calling 911 if you have an emergency and their office on Monmouth Street has a patrol and detective bureau, fatal accident investigators and school support officers.

If you’re new to Gloucester City, a trip to their website offers some sensible tips on staying safe in the city.

It’s essential for law enforcement vehicles to stand out beyond their lights and sirens. Very often an emergency may be happening near where officers are patrolling and this is the main reason reflective vinyl graphics were the tools of choice to help these Ford SUV Interceptors stand out.

Installing the Graphics

The Ford SUV Interceptor is one amazing vehicle and designed specifically for law enforcement. According to the Ford Motor Company, new for their 2014 model is the “addition of the 3.5L EcoBoost® 6-speed automatic transmission that brings 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-foot of torque to the Utility Police Inceptor Class.”

This vehicle was also designed for full pursuit applications and Ford is proud to announce “It is the first-ever pursuit-related utility model available for police work.” With plenty of interior and cargo room, the Ford SUV Interceptor makes it easy to customize vehicles based on departmental needs and uses.

When the department asked Sunrise Signs to help place graphics on two of their Ford Interceptors, we were easily able to take their typography style and using reflective vinyl fabricated graphics that would be easy to see in both bright sunlight and at night.

On the sides in gold and black reflective film, “Gloucester City Police” stands out as does the gold stripes that are in front of and behind the text. We also installed these police reflective graphics on the rear of the vehicle.  The gold reflective stripes can also be seen by the rear lights and on the sides above the front wheels. Hard to miss these law enforcement vehicles and that was after all, the goal of both the police department and Sunrise Signs. We also used these reflective film to place “Emergency 911” on all sides and two American flags on the sides of the patrol cars.

The World of Day/Night Graphics

There are many uses for reflective fleet vehicle graphics. Beyond law enforcement, they can be used on ambulances, shuttles, fire engines and other types of government vehicles. From school buses to other types of transportation vehicles, where being visible is important, vehicle graphics offering a reflection make others on the roads notice these vehicles, keeping safety forefront. Even delivery vehicles on highways and city streets benefit from installing this type of vinyl film.

If you have a need for reflective vehicle graphics, we make it easy to get a quote…


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Now on to some photos of these two Ford SUV Interceptors, which now shine—and get noticed by Gloucester City residents!

Law enforcement reflective vehicle graphics NJ

Ford SUV Interceptor reflective vinyl graphics NJ

Ambulance reflective vinyl graphics NJ

Where to get police fleet vinyl reflective graphics in NJ

Reflective vinyl fleet graphics NJ

Gloucester City Police Department Uses Vinyl Reflective Fleet Graphics in NJ

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