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Sneaker Pete: South Philly’s First Mobile DJ Spreading Charity with Ford Van Wraps!

DJ and Band Ford Van Wraps PhiladelphiaIf you ever heard Sneaker Peter spin his sounds, it’s likely you won’t forget him. Known for his charity DJ spinning, Pete Thompson doesn’t do weddings or proms—he’s all about music and ensuring nonprofits and charities benefit from his DJ skills and love of music.

A while back, The Evening Bulletin wrote a great article on this ever-energetic music lover. It is here where readers learned Pete Thompson received not just a special resolution from the City Council of Philadelphia, but also letters thanking him for his generous efforts from the PA Attorney General, the State Senate, the Special Olympics and numerous others. Sneaker Pete keeps these close to him in a binder as a continual reminder of what he has achieved since he graduated from the American Academy of Broadcasting school and received his radio license.

Bullied as a child at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary School, Pete always knew there was a way to fight bullies and give to others—even at a young age. It was all about growing up in South Philly and making his own way. Later it was all about giving back to South Philly—in a major way. As he told The Evening Bulletin, “My main goal is helping people from South Philly” and “Music is my life, and charity work is my life.”

Nicknamed “Sneaker” Pete for his consistent wearing of tennis shoes in high school, early in his career he learned from local DJs at WFIL-AM and even met John Lennon—what he calls a highlight of his career.  He decided early on charity was his calling and over the years he has amassed thousands of records and CDs—and given away just as many to children.

If there is an event where he is needed, he will go with turntables and deejaying equipment all packed neatly in his Ford van. One day, Sneaker Pete decided to step it up a bit—as if he wasn’t famous enough—or appreciated enough—by having his Ford van wrapped by Sunrise Signs. And, we were very happy to help!

The Design of Sneaker Pete’s Van

For these Ford van wraps, we met with Pete and our in-house graphic designers came up with a stunning design using purple wrap film that included graphics of a record, a sneaker (of course) and a microphone on the sides of the van. Also on the sides viewers see that this DJ is “Sneaker Pete - South Philly’s First Mobile Disc Jockey” along with his telephone number and email address so nonprofits can easily contact him. The letters and numbers on the sides offer a 3D effect to make them more noticeable. On the bottom sides people see they can “Wiggle their feet with Sneaker Pete the South Philly Disc Jockey.”

Sponsorships are also included on the sides of these Ford van wraps including the Louis Tag Agency and the Oregon Diner. Lastly on the sides, but not least is a Band-Aid graphic with words that are near and dear to Sneaker Pete: “Bullying hurts for a while but lasts for a lifetime.”

On the rear of these Ford van wraps is a repeated 3D name logo, his slogan, email address and phone number. The hood also gained Sneaker Pete’s name logo and slogan.

Sunrise Signs was happy to be part of this Ford van and it’s vehicle wrap transformation. And, we know Sneaker Pete vision and mission will continue, only on a more 24/7 moving billboard sort of style that’s hard to miss—even when parked. Stay up-to-date on Sneaker Pete’s events via his Facebook Page.

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Now, let’s take a look at Sneaker Pete’s new Ford van wraps from proof to the finished product…

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Sneaker Peter DJ Ford van wraps

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