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Amazing Box Truck Wraps for Joe Desk Office Furniture Outlet in Cherry Hill NJ!

Box truck wraps Cherry Hills NJLocated in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a place where those in Camden County seek new and used office furniture at discount pricing—the Office Furniture Outlet aka Joe Desk Office Furniture Outlet!   A visit to their showroom on Springdale Road is just the ticket for all types of businesses and organizations looking to find affordable office desks, tables, chairs and more. To help build their brand, this furniture company asked Sunrise Signs to be a part of their full box truck wraps project and we were happy to help.

About Joe Desk

Who knew back in the 1980s a small office supply store called Stationary Plus would become the Joe Desk Office Furniture Outlet? This business grew out of need. As a small supplier for office products, they had one customer who like many small business owners, could not pay his bill in full. Instead, he “bartered” and gave them 20 used chairs. Thinking they could make a bit of money from the barter, they placed the chairs outside their store and boom—the idea was born for selling used office furniture including filing cabinets and desks.

In 1994 they moved to a 6,000 square foot showroom to sell not only gently used desks, chairs and cabinets, but also new office gear. In 1999, they expanded their warehouse facility to 12,500 square feet in Moorestown, New Jersey. Finally in 2011 and 17 years at their Route 73 location, they chose to find a permanent home of over 25,000 square feet located on Springdale Road.

Now called Joe Desk Office Furniture Outlet after one of their most popular desk products, they are all about helping businesses and other organizations find affordable pieces for their offices, retail spaces, professional offices and more!

The Wrap Project

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of business you own, if you utilize a box truck for deliveries, pick-ups or as a work vehicle, if it’s all white revealing only the required NJ DOT numbers, it is one pretty boring truck.

But there is one affordable way to change all that by investing in affordable box truck wraps that can achieve up to 70,000 visual views per day. That’s a lot of people looking at your truck and because we are now such a digital world, people remember the graphics they see and are more likely to call businesses who take advantage of this amazing marketing tool.

On the sides of these wraps we used black and red vinyl and inserted their logo (including their Joe Desk blue triangle) and off-set the vinyl with white vinyl lettering. Easily seen along with their logo and telephone number is their website address, an image of an office desk and the words “New” and “Used” so viewers know they can get both at this outlet.  Also on the sides of these box truck wraps is their slogan: The Greatest Furniture Outlet on Earth!”

The logo, website address, location and telephone number are repeated on the rear of the box truck wraps and we didn’t skip the cab! Each side of the cab contains their logo, GVWR rating and DOT number and the front of the cab received lettering repeating their website address. The top and front of the cab also gained their logo for prominent views from all sides.

Now as the Joe Desk truck travels around the streets and highways of Camden County, New Jersey, it’s getting notice and it’s also advertising the outlet 24/7—even when parked.

Turn your box truck into a marketing and advertising tool you can add to your sales arsenal! We make it easy to get a free quote…


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 Now on to some images of these amazing box truck wraps…

Furniture Outlet Box Truck Wraps

Delivery vehicle box truck wraps NJ

Camden County Box Truck Wraps

Cherry Hill NJ Box Truck Wraps

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