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Action Plumbing Continues to Build Brand with Spartan Van Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in NJ!

Posted on Fri, Nov, 22, 2013

Spartan Van vehicle graphics and vinyl letteringWhen you are a busy plumbing contractor like Action Plumbing, you need a fleet of work vehicles, especially if you offer 24/7 emergency service. Serving the Delaware Valley since 1965 and located in Marlton, New Jersey in Burlington County, Master Plumber Michael F. O’Hara once again turned to Sunrise Signs to dress up more Spartan vans with stunning graphics and vehicle vinyl lettering.

Support Your Local Plumbers!

Action Plumbing not only offers 24/7 emergency service, they also specialize in hydro-jetting services. This solution uses high velocity water pressure to blast through blockages in drain and sewer lines.

It takes specialized vehicles to add hydro-jetting machinery so once again Spartan vans were the best choice for this Burlington County plumbing contractor. Beyond clearing tough sewer and drain blockages, Action Plumbing offers a variety of both residential and commercial services including:

  • Pipelining
  • Pipebursting
  • Sewer Odor Protection
  • Locating Underground Pipes and Leaks
  • Backflow Testing

In theory, if you have a plumbing need, Action Plumbing is one of the best plumbing contractors serving New Jersey. Beyond being licensed and insured, they also insist on extensive background checks for all their employees so you can trust them inside your home or business.

Then Brand a Fleet with Your Local Sign Company!

In the past, Sunrise Signs aided Action Plumbing with full vehicle wraps on some of their Spartan vans. This time, however, we were happy to incorporate the same effect with vehicle vinyl lettering and cut vinyl graphics.

Contractors can brand just as effectively using our combo package of vehicle vinyl lettering mixed with graphics. Once installed, vehicles become 24/7 moving pictorials showcasing the contractor’s specialty.

For the sides of these Spartan Van graphics and lettering, viewers instantly spot their logo, motto of “Trusted and Recommended Since 1965,” and their easy to remember toll-free telephone number. Also on the side, a cut vinyl graphic announces their 24/7 emergency service and is enhanced below by their corporate blue color using cut vinyl. Within the blue film, we embedded the owner’s name and revealed his Master Plumber status. Also placed on the blue film are the company’s website address and contractor’s license numbers for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The side doors received an additional logo and their location in Marlton, New Jersey.

The rear of these Spartan vans were not spared but now engage potential clients with the same elements of the sides including their offer of 24/7 emergency service. Red, white and blue vinyl films stay true to the company’s theme but a touch of yellow announcing their emergency service stands out to grab any viewer’s eye. Finally, the front top fascia of these Spartan vans gained a logo and of course the now well-known motto of expert plumbing services since 1965!

Every contractor will benefit from turning to us on a continual basis when their fleet increases in size. We say this because all of our designs are save digitally so changes in text are easily made but corporate colors and logos never lose their strength—they are reprinted as they were initially designed and work as the best contractor branding tool on the market today.

If you are looking to start building a brand with your contractor fleet, we make it easy—just click on the button below for a free quote.


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Now, on to some great images of these Spartan vans and their cut vinyl graphics and vehicle vinyl lettering…

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