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Mr. C’s: The Original Grease Trucks Gets Food Truck Wrap Makeover at Rutgers University

Food truck wrap companies NJThe grease trucks of Rutgers University are famous for local college students, instructors and those in and around New Brunswick. Samir Alkilani, owner of Mr. C’s Grease Trucks knew with the competition fierce, it was time to boost his visibility with food truck vehicle wraps and of course Sunrise Signs was happy to take on the challenge.

About Mr. C's

There are some rumors of a new Rutgers University-owned grease truck and the possible relocation of all the grease trucks from their parking lot location at the corner of Hamilton and College Avenue in New Brunswick, but students and alumni alike say these great trucks are a “beloved Rutgers campus institution” and “possibly Jersey’s most iconic food stop.”

According to owner Samir Alkilani, Mr. C’s offers signature menu items including a variety of the now famous grease truck “fat” sandwiches. Some of their signature menu items include a sub roll stuffed with a variety of greasy foods like hamburger patties, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, fried eggs and gyro meat.

With now over 40 “fat” sandwiches spread across all the grease trucks at Rutgers University ranging in price from $6 to $7 dollars, Mr. C’s knew it had to find a way to “dress up” their food trucks a bit to keep their tradition going—a tradition Alkilani says has been in place since 1968. It seemed food truck wraps were the solution for this Travel Channel-visited grease truck.

In the TV show Mans vs. Food, host Adam Richman attempted to eat five of Mr. C’s “fat” sandwiches in 45 minutes—but fell short. The Travel Channel certainly provided some good advertising but so are Mr. C’s stunning and new food truck vehicle wraps!

We Design and Wrap!

Our in-house graphic designers met with the owner of Mr. C’s grease trucks to create eye-grabbing and attention-getting truck wraps.

Now dressed in bright red vinyl with graphics revealing a big “R” for Rutgers and the Rutgers mascot, we knew some important elements had to be included in these grease food truck wraps. So, we included images of the people and flair of Rutgers University including an image of The Daily Targum—Rutgers newspaper since 1869. Other images include fans of Mr. C’s, Rutgers sports team images and pics of the owners with dedicated clients. We inserted these images on one rear side of the truck for instant visibility. The other rear side was saved to announce how Mr. C’s was seen on Man vs. Food along with images of their TV appearance.

The very top of these truck wraps reveals folks can find Mr. C’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—including their Instagram username for quick finding on the social media website. “Grease Trucks” and “Home of the Fat Sandwiches” was placed at an angle on the sides of the vehicles and of course the Mr. C’s logo and owner’s logo were inserted on the front sides of these food truck wraps.

The rear of these truck wraps includes graphics of the “R” for Rutgers and their mascot along with repeating “Mr. C’s Grease Trucks” and “Home of the Fat Sandwich.” Even the front of this grease truck received some brand building attention so it’s visible and eye-grabbing from all sides.

All sorts of New Brunswick and Middlesex County traveling food vehicles will benefit from vehicle wraps that turn vehicles into 24/7 moving billboards that never sleep even when parked. With Sunrise Signs it’s easy to request a free quote!

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Now, let’s take a look at these amazing food truck wraps and don't forget to check out more images on Facebook:

Now on to the stunnng images of Mr. C's food truck wraps...

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