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OPEX Corporation Uses Box Truck Wraps to Consistently Build Global Brand

Posted on Fri, Aug, 09, 2013

OPEX Industrial Box Truck WrapsThe OPEX Corporation is a global technology leader in “high-speed mailroom automation, document imaging and material handling.” Headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey in Burlington County, OPEX has offices in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Even global companies need to consistently build their brand to stay forefront in the minds of the consumer. That’s why they asked Sunrise Signs to wrap their 25 foot box truck—to continue their brand building efforts—a must do even for a company that has been in business since 1973.

OPEX began in a leased warehouse in southern New Jersey and since inception the corporation now proudly claims over 250,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing, warehouse, product assembly, and office space with hundreds of employees.

Some of their customers include financial service businesses, insurance, the healthcare industry, governments, retail businesses, nonprofits, utility companies, telecommunication, service bureaus, educational institutions and fulfillment services.

Mail and document handling for medium and large businesses is one tough job and OPEX is making this job much easier for their clients. By 1994, OPEX had acquired the OMATION Corporation and began to offer joggers, envelope verifiers, sorters and envelope openers.

With such a vast portfolio OPEX offers its customers individual single-piece items ranging in size from envelopes, documents and checks all the way to 60-pound payloads using their Perfect Pick™ warehouse system. According to their website, “From the mailroom to the warehouse OPEX makes it possible for virtually any enterprise to benefit from OPEX technology.” And, because all systems are designed to fit the customer’s need by expert technicians, OPEX remains a leader in this industry.

When OPEX came to Sunrise Signs for their box truck wraps, graphics were discussed, however, they chose to have the box truck wrapped because they wanted to enhance the design to align with the spotted dot pattern on the box truck.

For the sides of these box truck wraps, we used white wrap film with carefully placed dotted graphics. In blue, viewers can easily see the large company name, their website address and their telephone number. Along the bottom sides of these box truck wraps is a blue bar which offers what’s behind OPEX: Document Scanning | Mail Automation | Material Handling. Because the corporate name and services are so prominent on the sides of the truck, consistent branding becomes possible 24/7. On the cab of the box truck, vehicle vinyl lettering displays the corporate name, website address and relevant license information.

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