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Fox Foot & Ankle Center Brands With Enclosed Trailer Wraps in Illinois

Nationwide Enclosed Trailer Wraps Sunrise SignsAn infant’s first steps are precious to record but rarely do with think about our amazing feet and how they carry us through life. Not until we develop a problem that is—and that’s where Fox Foot & Ankle Center, PC comes in. For over 18 years, Dr. H. Craig Fox has been a leader in podiatry care and now with new enclosed trailer wraps, he’s boosting his brand and spreading foot problem awareness.

Fox Foot & Ankle serves Grundy, Will and Kendall Counties in the State of Illinois and has three central offices located in Coal City, Oswego and Minooka.

Dr. Fox received his doctorate from Des Moines University and completed his residency at Michigan Hospital Medical Center in Detroit. Dr. Fox is also a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and the American Academy of Podiatric Medicine. He is American Board of Podiatric Surgery Qualified and has successfully completed Part I and II of the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners.

Fox Foot & Ankle Centers treats all foot and ankle problems including podiatric sports medicine, heel pain, calluses, arthritic disorders, ingrown toe nails, developmental problems of the feet and legs, corns, fractures, diabetic wound care, hammertoes, circulation problems, flat feet, bunions and warts. His practice sees a wide variety of patients from infants and children to adults and seniors. The center is proud to offer Q-Clear laser treatment for fungal nails.

Doctors and their practices may not need to advertise due to referrals, however, when a medical practice has various locations, it’s essential to build a brand to boost consumer awareness. That’s why Fox Foot & Ankle Centers partnered with Sunrise Signs to design and install enclosed trailer wraps.

On the sides of these trailer wraps, we used stunning colors including blues, oranges, greens and yellows so they stand out effectively and grab the attention of all who view them. On the top sides in front of a blue bar, viewers immediate notice their website address. Next, is their “foot” logo and custom telephone number, 630-551-FEET using the 3D effect for the numbers and letters.

The company name is prominently placed in large typography on the sides of these trailer wraps as well, as their office locations and telephone numbers near the side front of the wraps.

What’s new and exciting in branding a business with graphics and wraps is the inclusion of a QR Code. For Fox Foot & Ankle Centers, we utilized the bottom of a running shoe with words to engage the smartphone scanner: “Find Out Why Your Feet Hurt…Scan Here!”—the QR Code is centered between the words to encourage many scans of the QR code marketing campaign.

The rear of these enclosed trailer wraps repeats the same side elements including yet another QR Code. For the front of these wraps, we included the running man with athletic shoe (as on the sides), their website address and medical practice name.

Have a medical practice, clinic, urgent care or extended care facility and want to boost your brand awareness? Nothing does it faster than vehicle wraps!


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Now, let’s take a look at these stunning, can’t-help-but-notice enclosed trailer wraps…

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