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Kelly Electrical Contractors Brand Their Business Fleet With Van Wraps in NJ

Contractor vehicle wrapsIn 1993, Andy Kelly started Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. and the business exploded. Licensed to offer electrical services in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, Kelly Electrical has an awesome motto: “Electricians You Can Trust With Your Home and Business.” Even smart contractors like Andy Kelly understand the need to build a trusted brand so they asked Sunrise Signs to turn a fleet of bland white vehicles into 24/7 moving billboards using eye-grabbing van wraps

Electrical problems and repairs or new installations are tricky—and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. As a turnkey, full service electrical contracting company, Kelly Electrical handles projects from the small to the large—start to finish—with quality and pride in workmanship.

Licensed and bonded, all of the technicians at Kelly Electrical are pre-screened and tested to determine their electrical knowledge skill level. Technicians regularly go through training seminars and Kelly Electrical employs both electricians and journeymen. All employees also receive background checks and drug testing to ensure they are top quality employees.

Located in Deptford, NJ in Gloucester County New Jersey, clients first speak with one of Kelly Electricals Customer Care Reps. These reps are skilled at obtaining the right information from customers to ensure technicians are prepared with the tools and parts they need when they arrive at a clients’ home or business. A nice feature of their customer care department is each client’s history is kept in their database for easy access to past jobs so this contractor is able to serve its clients more efficiently.

Once technicians are dispatched to the client, expect the “Red Carpet Treatment.” This means all of their workers wear shoe protectors to protect flooring and carpeting. They also work with drop cloths and clean up when the job is complete—how many contractors do that these days? Technicians are also easily recognized by the  company’s uniforms and Kelly Electrical emails clients with a photo of the technician so you know the person showing up at your door is from the contractor you called.

As far as tools for the job, Kelly Electrical stocks their work vans and trucks with thousands of parts so they are literally rolling warehouses on wheels. This electrical contractor also ensures each of their work trucks is packed with the correct tools for the job at hand.

Finally, Kelly Electrical stands by its “actual cost to perform” quotes, which is a detailed estimate given by the technician and no work begins until the customer signs the agreement. Technicians also offer “options” to repairs. There are never any surprises with their one-price quote and they pride themselves on their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

To help Andy Kelly increase his contractor brand, they asked Sunrise Signs to wrap plain white vans—a Ford E-Series van and two Chevrolet Spartan Vans—one of which had a utility body. Our designers worked closely with the client to ensure all the vans—even though they were of different makes and models and body type, would be instantly recognizable. Memorability helps to build consumer trust and that’s why vehicle wraps are the highest form of branding and marketing a contractor can choose.

For the Ford E-Series van and the two Chevrolet Spartan vans, on the sides of these vans we inserted their recognizable “Kelly” logo—the “Irish” electrician character carrying tools of the trade.” Also on the sides we included the phone number to their main office in Deptford, NJ and their LBI (Long Beach Island) telephone number. Also included are their state license numbers for PA, NJ and DE.

The corporate name is on a slant using large typography and viewers can easily find their website URL right underneath.  The wraps are in shades of pale and Kelly green and placed in a contrasting manner to turn the vans into eye-grabbing moving visuals. The company’s motto was also placed on the sides of these van wraps to boost consumer trust.

The rear of these vans received the same elements as the sides but perhaps what is most stunning about these van wraps is even though they are different models and one van has a utility body—our graphic designers were able to create van wraps that appear the same in design by using exact color matching.

It’s time to reveal these vans but before we do, take a look at their old fleet of all white vehicles…

Is your fleet of vehicles all white

As Sunrise Signs continues to wrap the Kelly Electrical fleet, soon all of their work vehicles will be instantly recognizable in the areas they serve. Now let's take a look at this stunning fleet....

Contractor Van Wraps

Chevy Spartan van wraps for contractors

Electrical contractor van wraps

Electrical Spartan van wraps with utility body

Contractor Vehicle Wraps New Jersey

Contract Spartan van wraps Gloucester County

Contract work vehicle wraps PA and NJ

We hope you’ll read some of our great customer testimonials and check out our design gallery for an idea of just what we can do with contractor vehicle wraps.

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