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frayednot, LLC Computer Company Brands Business With Ford Transit Connect Vehicle Wraps

Posted on Wed, Jun, 12, 2013

Ford Transit Connect Vehicle WrapsEver feel so stymied about how to set up your home entertainment system, hook up your home or business network or make the printer actually print?

Can’t get the surround sound you want or need an entire network built? That’s where the frayednot, LLC computer services company comes in!

Located in Elizabeth New Jersey in Union County, frayednot is not your average computer fix-it-all company. They offer computer, audio / video services and surveillance systems to keep your home or business safe.

In their computer services line up, they offer everything from data recovery to virus removal to Wi-Fi setups to backups to network installation. frayednot will also come to you and perform a free diagnostic of your systems.

Their audio / video services include home theater installation and setup, power filtration, video calibration and multi-zone audio systems—also along with a free consultation. Certified by Microsoft in the Systems Engineer and Professional capacity, frayednot is also fully insured.

To help build their brand and reel in customers in their service area, frayednot asked Sunrise Signs to install vehicle wraps on their Ford Transit Connect. First off, our in-house graphic designers wanted to use the colors of their stunning website which includes blue hues. It was also essential we include their noticeable and memorable logo made up of a “frayed” cable and their motto: “Never left stranded!”

For these Ford Transit Connect vehicle wraps, we matched the blues of their website all around and on the passenger side we included their logo, telephone number, a menu list of services they provide and that they offer both residential and commercial services along with informing viewers they are “fully insured.”

The graphics used on the passenger side of these Ford Transit Connect vehicle wraps convey to consumers that frayednot can “help” instantly using characters, a computer keyboard and a bright red “help” button.

For the front of these vehicle wraps, the textured-look blue wrap film gains another frayednot logo. For the drivers’ side of the Ford Transit Connect wraps a surveillance camera image is revealed along with yet another character (attempting to hide from the camera) and also includes their logo, menu list of services, motto and telephone number.

What is special about these computer services business wraps is how our designers worked with the client and used the character images frayednot also uses on their website. That’s the idea behind branding—to be consistent in all your advertising efforts.

Want to build your own unique brand? It doesn’t matter whether you have a fleet of vehicles, one vehicle or sell on an ecommerce platform or have a brick and mortar store—Sunrise Signs is your nationwide vehicle wrap marketing and branding specialist!

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Now, let's take a look at these eye-grabbing Ford Transit Connect vehicle wraps!

Union County New Jersey Vehicle Wraps

Union County New Jersey Vehicle Wraps

Computer Repair and IT Contractor vehicle wraps

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