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South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center Brands With Medical Practice Signs in NJ

Foam HDU Monument Brushed Metal SignsLocated in Mt. Laurel New Jersey in Burlington County is South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center, where Dr. Robin Levin, a board certified dermatologist specializes in medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology.

Since 2000, Dr. Levin and her dermatology staff have employed a comforting and caring atmosphere to put patients as ease. In addition, the South Jersey Skin & Laser Center offers a variety of services to help their clients look and feel their very best. Some of these services include spa treatments, anti-aging treatments, laser treatments and physician supervised aesthetic procedures.

Personal consultations are a specialty for Dr. Levin and her staff and via these conversations, they are able to determine the best approach to help patients reach their wellness and appearance goals. In fact, client concerns are tops on their list and Dr. Levin and her team ensure recommended services and treatments meet or exceed end goals.

Medical centers and physician complexes need to find a way to brand and stand out—they are after all, businesses too. This is where medical practice signs and signage help.

To help brand her center, Dr. Levin asked Sunrise Signs to create a monument outdoor sign so clients could locate her office easily as well as a parking area metal directional sign. We also created an indoor brushed metal sign for the lobby and some custom office door directional signs that are American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

For the outdoor monument sign, we chose foam, high-density urethane (HDU) construction which holds up nicely in all sorts of weather ensuring the monument sign will last for years to come. Using contrasting colors of whites and burgundy, the sign is clearly visible and includes the street number (101) so those seeking the center on Gaither Drive can quickly find it.

The 101 is placed inside an oval with the Center’s logo “leaves” on each side. The brushed metal letters bearing the name of the center complement the burgundy background in gold. We purposely made the letter for the words “Skin Care” larger for easy scanning and quick memorability. At the bottom of this outdoor monument sign is Dr. Levin’s name with repeating “leaves” for brand building.

For the indoor lobby sign, we utilized brush metal letters in contrasting gold and burgundy and the “S” is turned into the Center’s “leaf” logo.

We also designed and created ADA-office door signs again using the leaf as a brand and brail underneath the words so ADA visitors are able to determine where doors within the office lead. Finally, a directional metal sign with an arrow points the way for visitors to the Center’s parking lot.

There are a lot of ways doctor’s office, medical facilities and dental complexes can use brushed metal or aluminum signs to help them get noticed and stand out. Interior lobby signs also help continue the brand within office buildings. Door signs that are ADA-equipped are a final touch to enhance directions within a medical building or office.

Let Sunrise Signs show you how with simple signage, your medical office or complex can stand out and build a unique brand by incorporating colors and logos. They are also by far, the very best way for clients and patients to easily find your offices.

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Now, take a look at these great brand-building signs and be sure to browse our sign portfolio and read some of our great customer testimonials....

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