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Zober Industries Boosts Brand With Box Truck Wraps in Bucks County PA

Posted on Mon, May, 06, 2013

Manufacturing Company box truck wrapsIn 1970 Joel Zober started Zober Industries, Inc. in Langhorne, PA and its initial beginnings were that of a small machine shop. Over the years, Zober Industries added much to their facility. In 1973, a sheet metal fabrication department was added and by 1975, Joel Zober moved the company into a 20,000 square foot facility and relocated to Croydon PA in Bucks County.

Always the innovator, by 1982 an electro-mechanical assembly was added and in 1984, Zober offered surface mount technology. Finally, in 1990, Zober added a fully automated robotic surface mount line. This is one manufacturing company that always has new and innovative technology on their mind to meet the needs of their many customers.

Today, Zober Industries is one of the nation’s most comprehensive contract manufacturer taking products from concept  to customer.

In order to keep their brand fresh, Zober Industries asked Sunrise Signs to design and install box truck wraps on their large commercial truck—a must in order to “take products from concept to customer!”

On their list of manufacturing services is surface mount technology, thru-hole PCB, electromechanical assembly, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, design and engineering services, warehousing and fulfillment, robotic welding and laser cutting services.

Manufacturing is big in Bucks County and Zober Industries knew by installing eye-grabbing box truck wraps on their vehicle, it would not only get the company noticed but also continually build their brand.

On the side of these box truck wraps, it was important to portray graphic imagery of what Zober Industries offers.  To accomplish this, Sunrise Signs’ graphic designers inserted images depicting their services for Circuit board assembly, Sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining and Electromechanical assembly—all with noticeable text underneath the images so consumers connect the words with the manufacturing service graphic.

Also on the sides (and we used their corporate green color) is the company’s slogan which stretches the length of these box truck wraps: “American Contract Manufacturing Since 1970.” Under the imagery of their manufacturing services, viewers immediately see the Zober Industries logo, the eco-friendly manufacturing symbol, telephone number and website address.

The rear of these box truck wraps includes all of the elements of the sides and adds twin eco-friendly signs and the American flag—something important to today’s consumers.

Now, Zober Industries is brand building with these box truck wraps and viewers are instantly engaged from the side and the rear on city streets and highways.

Investing in commercial box truck wraps and graphics is more than just branding. They help to advertise a business 24/7, 365 days a year. And, because Zober Industries is always growing, they liked the idea that truck wraps last up to five years which means when new changes come, new elements can be easily added because we save all of our artwork and vehicle dimensions digitally at Sunrise Signs.

Box truck wraps are great for manufacturing businesses, contractors, and fleets and because one wrapped truck can receive up to 70,000 visual views in just one day, the chance of customers remembering your business is extremely high.

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