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Guaranteed fleet plumbing and heating Increases Branding With Ford E-Series Cargo Van Wraps

Plumbing contractor fleet vehicle wrapsLocated in Philadelphia PA, Guaranteed Plumbing and Heating has been serving the Philly area for over 18 years and Sunrise Signs was happy to help them brand their fleet with vehicle wraps. To complement their Ford Spartan Van wraps, they increased their brand awareness with Ford E-Series Cargo van wraps.

Last year we showed you the results of their Ford Spartan Van wraps and now, it’s time to reveal their new Ford E-Series Cargo van wraps. But first a little about Guaranteed Plumbing and Heating.

Owner Eric Slifkin and his team of experts serve the Philadelphia area with plumbing, heating and air-conditioning needs. From HVAC repair to a new HVAC installation to partial and full bathroom remodels to drain cleaning and installing water pipes, this plumbing and heating contractor does it all.

Not only do they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they also offer 90-day same as cash financing for large projects—a great way to entice customers and keep them as life-long clients.

For their Ford E-Series Cargo van wraps we wanted to ensure the graphics matched those of their Ford Spartan Vans yet still offer an updated look. We worked with Mr. Slifkin to include their easy-to-remember telephone number, “215-PLUMBER” and an updated slogan, “If you can’t remember the number, you may need more than a plumber!”

Because we had their original design from the Ford Spartan Van wraps, we ensured their logo and other graphic elements would match—exactly, because this is so important in fleet branding. Their recognizable logo is on all sides along with essential branding elements such as their website address, contractor’s license number and a list of their services, Plumbing, Heating / AC, and Drain Cleaning. We also included their commitment to customers by announcing they offer 24/7 emergency service. All of these elements were embedded on graphics that match those of the Spartan van wraps in color and appearance.

Now that Guaranteed Plumbing and Heating has invested in fleet branding, we asked Eric Slifkin to tell us about his fleet wrap experience and how his wrapped fleet is getting noticed:

When I was asked to say a word or two about my experiences with vehicle wraps and Sunrise signs it was easy. It is easy because I made a great choice. I feel I picked the best and most qualified company for the job. From inception to completion I was completely satisfied with the process. It is easy when you deal with professionals like these guys. The recognition I got from my first truck being wrapped was so amazing, I knew I was going to have all of my vehicles wrapped. Once again, I am completely satisfied with the pros at Sunrise Signs. I just want to say thank you to the whole crew for making my business grow to another level.”

We are proud to have been a part of Mr. Slifkin’s growth and now that his vehicles are branding the company 24/7 in Philadelpia, even when parked at client locations, we are confident the next level he speaks of will be revealed in sales revenues.


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We invite you to take a look at some of our other current projects and read our great customer testimonials and now, let’s take a look at these Ford E-Series Cargo van wraps. We also included an image of their Ford Spartan Van wraps so you can see how consistency in color and graphics builds fleet brand identity.

HVAC Contractor Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Philadelphia plumbing contractor fleet vehicle wraps

Ford E-Series Cargo van wraps

Philadelphia contractor fleet vehicle wraps and graphics

Now, here's an image of their Ford Spartan Van wraps so you can see how consistency in fleet branding is an absolute must-do:

Fleet branding with vehicle wraps and graphics

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