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Cartridge World Inks Up Subaru Impreza Sport With Car Wraps in NJ!

Posted on Thu, Jan, 31, 2013

Small business advertising on carsLocated in New Jersey is Cartridge World of Cherry Hill and owners Marty and Thea Long and their dedication to providing printer supplies nationwide is seen even in the name of the store’s mascot—their dog Laser! As the world’s largest franchise retailer of remanufactured inks and toner cartridges, Cartridge World of Cherry Hill also provides new brand name cartridges and offer free delivery on all orders over $50—nationwide!

With backgrounds in sales and corporate training, Marty and Thea utilized their skills to open a Cartridge World franchise for a few reasons. First, they are now able to help the environment by remanufacturing toner cartridges. Second, they are proudly keeping Americans employed—all of their cartridges are remanufactured in the United States and third, they strive to help individuals and business owners save money on their ink and toner expense and in today’s economy, that’s pretty special.

This cartridge remanufacturer and toner supplier services the entire continental U.S. and if a customer is local to the Cherry Hill area, they offer free delivery directly to homes and business. Clients outside the Cherry Hill area also benefit with their no-charge next day UPS nationwide delivery.

Since Cartridge World of Cherry Hill already had one business/delivery vehicle wrapped, they stepped up their out-of-the-home advertising a lot more by asking Sunrise Signs to design and install business car wraps for their Subaru Impreza Sport. 

As the Longs like to say of auto wraps, “The exposure we get while these vehicles are on the road is constantly adding to our customer base. They are an excellent advertising tool we would not do without!”

For these Subaru Impreza Sport vehicle wraps, our in-house graphic designers used the blues, yellows and greens of their corporate website and inserted their logo for brand building. Also included in these car wraps are what we call essential why-buys such as how choosing this cartridge remanufacturer is environmentally friendly as well as a “Go Green and Save” statement with the recognizable recycling logo.

Other important brand builders on these car wraps are the mention of how the cartridges offered are made in the USA, their free delivery service and how as a customer, you can “Save Money. 100 % Guaranteed!”  On the window perf we embedded text on how consumers can “Save On Ink & Toner Every Day” and brand identity must-haves, their telephone number, website address and their company name to engage visual views. Graphic images of products they sell are also included to help turn this Subaru Impreza Sport into a 24/7 moving pictorial of Cartridge World of Cherry Hill.

The rear of these business auto wraps include a repeating company name as well as repetition of their free delivery and environmentally friendly services—boosted on the bumper with their telephone number for rear views. The hood of these Subaru Impreza Sport vehicle wraps reinforce the name of the company and another telephone number so views from all sides are crisp, clean and clear.

We asked Marty and Thea about the results of these vehicle wraps and they offered the biggest result is “credibility and exposure” and “People cannot help but look at them on the road” and finally, “We always ask how people hear about us and many times it is the vehicles” and their noticeable, brand building car wraps!

We’re pretty proud of the design of these vehicle wraps and are the Longs happy? They told us “Adam and his crew went above and beyond on our wrap. The professionalism and attention to detail are very impressive. We are 100% satisfied with our wrapped vehicle!”

Business vehicle wraps are a win-win for both the business owners who invest in this affordable advertising tool and the customer who gains a 365 day advertisement with vehicle wraps that last up to five years. Is there a better way to get your business noticed and build your brand?

Now, let’s take a look at the final results!

Subaru Impreza Sport Vehicle Wraps
Side view of Subaru Impreza Sport Vehicle Wraps with Owner Marty Long

Office Supply Delivery Car Wraps Advertising

Side/Rear view of these office supply car wraps--great advertising tool!

New Jersey Small Business Vehicle Wraps

Side/Front view of Subaru Impreza Sport car wraps--great for brand building!


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