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Control Temp Sports Ford E-Series Van Wraps in New Jersey!

Contractor vehicle wraps advertisingComplex HVAC systems are a necessity for office buildings, apartment buildings and other structures in order to keep the inhabitants or guests cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Control Temp is an HVAC and building automation contractor serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Not only do they provide a full range of HVAC services, they can also help with system design and engineering, expert installation services and preventative maintenance programs.

Along with their HVAC expertise, they also can help with building climate control to keep buildings at comfortable temperatures throughout. In addition, they are experts at HVAC design and are also able to work with existing system by offering retrofit services.

Control Temp’s partnership with Echelon Open Systems Alliance (OSA) Program and Lonmark Interoperability Association allows them to offer top line HVAC systems and trained and certified installers and maintenance technicians.

This HVAC contracting company has also received awards for their designs, engineering and installation projects.

Even a well-respected, award-winning HVAC company that services so many areas and has an impressive list of clients like Control Temp does needs to find effective ways to advertise to build and grow their brand identity.

To help in this effort, they asked Sunrise Signs to revamp their Ford E-Series van with noticeable, eye-grabbing van wraps and graphics.

Ford E-Series vans are a popular choice for contractor fleets of all kinds as they offer the interior cargo space contractors need and they are durable and long-lasting.

For these Ford E-Series van wraps, the most important element our graphic designers wanted to convey was their logo and motto: “The Energy Minded Professionals” which can be found on all sides of these van wraps. We also utilized exact color matching to incorporate their company colors and logo design.

Also included are what we call must-have vehicle wraps essentials like a prominently placed telephone number and website address.

The blues and greens utilized in these van wraps stretch nicely around the Ford E-Series van which help to create many visual views. We also imported a menu list of their services: commercial HVAC, building automation and design and retrofit on all sides of these van wraps.

Now as this Ford E-Series drives the roads and streets of the many areas they serve, not only are they brand building, Control Temp  and their memorable van graphics will also stay embedded into the minds of consumers who may need their services in the future—and they’ll call Control Temp first!

All contractors, large and small, HVAC, plumbers and remodelers will benefit from van wraps advertising so we invite you to first read our Contractor’s Guide to Advertising with Vehicle Wraps and then be sure to check out our great customer testimonials!


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Now, let’s take a look the finished project…

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