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Check Out This Extreme Fleet Sprinter Van Graphics Makeover!

Fleet Sprinter Van wrapsSprinter vans are popular vehicles for all businesses with an industrial focus much like Material Handling Supply, Inc. (MHS). Founded in 1970, MHS now boasts over 140 employees and has an office in Brooklawn New Jersey in Camden County and in 2005 and 2011 they opened two more offices in Delaware.

Material Handling Supply services the Philadelphia area including Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties, New Jersey, Delaware and the Eastern shores of Maryland and Virginia.

Their goal is to provide forklift trucks and warehouse products and they also service and sell parts for the all their products whether they are rented, leased or purchased from MHS. For more than 37 years, MHS has been dedicated to offering equipment from Crown and Nissan.

They specialize in new forklifts and lift trucks from not only Crown and Nissan but also Hamech and Genie. Also available from this consumer-friendly and customer service excellence enterprise are reconditioned forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks, forklift training, sales and parts for storage rack systems, warehouse management systems and entire warehouse design and installation services plus much more!

Like many providers of warehouse and industrial equipment MHS wanted to boost their brand and to do just that, they came to Sunrise Signs with some older Sprinter vans that had some mileage on them but still a lot of useful life left in them.

These Sprinter vans, which were red in color had die-cut vinyl truck lettering and not only was the paint fading, the vinyl letters were old and cracked—not the best way to stand out in the word of vehicle wraps and graphics and at Sunrise Signs, we’ve always preferred vehicle wraps over vinyl lettering.

Although MHS had a graphics supplier who was great at vinyl lettering, van wraps were not their specialty. Since MHS wanted to get another 100,000 miles on these Sprinter vans before retiring them, they asked Sunrise Signs just what van wraps would do for them to rejuvenate them and not only did we show them, they skipped the expensive paint jobs.

We tackled this challenge with the energy we do for all our clients and with these Sprinter van wraps the sky was the limit! We wanted a total turn-around! From old and faded red to now eye-catching white and red, these van wraps will last up to five years and are 100 percent removable. Our extreme fleet Sprinter van graphics makeover went from design to creation to installation smoothly and with results the client wanted—we are now pleased to say not only did we revive these older Sprinter vans (five so far with more to come), MHS has asked Sunrise Signs to wrap their new fleet of vehicles as they roll into service!


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Let us walk you through the conversion process.

Below, in this first image, you can see a side view of how these Sprinter vans looked before we wrapped them:

Extreme Makeover Sprinter Van Wraps for MHS

In this second photo, the old and peeling vinyl lettering stands out—not the best first impression:

Vinyl truck lettering vs. vehicle wraps

The next image shows the new, refreshed look where we used the red and white of their corporate colors along with imagery of some of the lifts they sell, rent, lease and service:

Sprinter Van wraps

As seen in the next image, it’s essential to use exact color matching for fleet branding since each wrapped Sprinter van can achieve up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day—exact color matching helps with brand and name recognition:

Nationwide Fleet Vehicle Wraps

The last two images show how even the sides, front and rear of these Sprinter van wraps received attention including MHS lift product imagery, logos galore and of course their website URL and telephone number:

Philadelphia and New Jersey Sprinter Van Wraps

Industrial Sprinter Van Wraps

Extreme to the Hilt!

Now as the MHS fleet drives the highways and streets of its target market, their revitalized fleet is getting attention and we have turned these Sprinter vans into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never stop advertising—even when stationary!

Have a fleet that needs some TLC? Give us a call and let us show you how we can help you build your brand with fleet wraps!

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