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Ridgewood Tri Athlete Builds a Brand With Enclosed Trailer Wraps

Posted on Fri, Dec, 21, 2012

Fleet trailer wraps and graphicsEarlier this year, Sunrise Signs was happy to be the designer of Ridgewood Tri Athlete’s Honda CRV vehicle wraps and to help build their brand even further, we just completed trailer wraps installation for their 14-foot enclosed trailer!

In their first Success Story—we showed you how we transformed their Honda CRV with stunning auto wraps but when Ridgewood Tri Athlete purchased a trailer to haul equipment to various events, they realized it was the perfect billboard on wheels!

Since 2008, the philosophy behind Ridgewood Tri Athlete (RTA) has been the same—“If there’s a will then there’s a way!” They work with athletes on all levels from first timers to the best of the best and help them reach their multisport goals.

Ridgewood Tri Athlete offers a variety of customized coaching options and they focus on each member’s individual needs to ensure they reach set goals. And, because the owners (a husband and wife team), Elizabeth Wittmaack Kaplanis and Chris Kaplanis realize family time is important, they work with their clients so triathlon training doesn’t impose on family time. They are flexible and encourage positive and fit lifestyles for entire families.

RTA also realizes how individualized training must be built around each athlete’s season so they’re there from beginning to end to help you stick to your training plan, prepare you for events and reach the finish line in the best shape possible.

Thrilled with their Honda CRV auto wraps, they again turned to Sunrise Signs to help turn their 14-foot enclosed trailer into a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement as it travels from event to event. And, because just one wrapped vehicle can achieve up to 70,000 visual impressions per day, now with the Honda CRV auto wraps and the enclosed trailer wraps, RTA is getting more attention than ever!

Our graphic designers really ensured these two wraps were consistent in design by using exact color matching and image elements.  On the sides, their logo and athlete images match the Honda CRV wraps along with the encouraging “Go Team RTA!!” which supports and encourages all their athletes.

Bold and colorful blues and greens and “road” blacks clearly display what RTA is all about—Swim, Bike and Run! We also embedded what they are all about in clear and crisp lettering—Multisport Coaching Triathlon Club along with their website address.

RTA’s 14-foot enclosed trailer wraps were designed to consistently build their brand using the exact vehicle graphics matching Sunrise Signs is known for. A viewer may see RTA’s Honda CRV and remember it and when they next view the trailer rolling by, this consistency in branding ensures memorability.

Take a look below—we first offer you an image of their wrapped Honda CRV and then two stunning images of RTA’s enclosed trailer wraps. Matched, exact, crisp and a way to advertise 24/7, even when the vehicles are stationary.

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