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AllSeason Solar Shines With a Fleet of Box Van Wraps in Atlantic County NJ!

Posted on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012

AllSeason Solar fleet of box truck wrapsFor over 20 years, AllSeason Solar has been helping New Jersey residents save on energy bills with their solar panel design and installation services. Located in Galloway New Jersey in Atlantic County, AllSeason Solar uses  the most efficient,  state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic systems from the world’s leading manufacturers, but that is just one part of this solar company. In addition, they are a partner of New Jersey Resources (NJR) Clean Energy Ventures Sunlight Advantage™ program.

Their company website offers three reasons to consider “going solar!” First, who doesn’t want to go green and help the environment? Second, it’s possible to drastically cut or eliminate your electrical bills and three, with New Jersey’s Net Metering Law it’s possible to have the utility company pay you when your solar system produces more electricity than you actually use!

The customer base of AllSeason Solar is rising largely due to The Sunlight Advantage. Qualified homeowners can lease solar panels for 15 years with no down payment or installation costs and pay a small fixed monthly price—The Sunlight Advantage also includes all maintenance and repairs.

This busy solar company found a need for a fleet of vehicles to keep up with consumer demand. They achieved this through purchasing four 10-feet U-Haul Chevy van trucks and then asked Sunrise Signs to help turn the fleet into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements—quite the transformation for these box van wraps and it was a project we were delighted to be a part of!

For this fleet of box van wraps, we thought of the project as a rebranding effort for AllSeason Solar to align with and announce their participation in The Sunlight Advantage program. We utilized their green and white corporate colors on the vinyl wraps and incorporated subtle solar grid graphics on the white part of these vehicle wraps.

On the sides, visuals include must-haves such as their website address, toll-free telephone number and contractor’s license number. The company name and “sun” logo is placed prominently in the middle and on the top, a message guaranteed to spawn interest: “Switch to Solar Power for Free & Save Thousands.” The cab of these box van wraps was not spared and the colors and company logo flow nicely for optimal viewing. The rear of the Chevy box van wraps compliment the company’s message and throughout the wraps, the website address and bold toll-free telephone number are prominently placed.

With their new fleet of Chevy box vans, AllSeason Solar has received such a positive response they will soon be adding a Ford Transit Connect and several single cab pick-up trucks to their fleet—all wrapped consistently in design to promote their brand and message.

Fleet branding is one of our goals at Sunrise Signs—and we are experts in vehicle wraps and graphics. If you want to turn your work trucks, delivery or hauling vehicles or corporate cars into a consistent fleet branding message, let us show you just how it’s done!


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Now, time to reveal the awesome images of the AllSeason Solar fleet—we also invite you to read some of our great customer testimonials!

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