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Wholesale Vehicle Wraps Design & Printing for AMB Signs of Dover Foxcroft Maine

Wholesale Vehicle Wrap Design and Printing ServicesAt Sunrise Signs, our wholesale vehicle wrap design and printing services are a way for us to team and partner with other sign companies who may not specialize or have the years of experience we do with designing, printing and installing vehicle wraps.

Offering wholesale to the trade vehicle wrap services is something we’re proud of here at Sunrise Signs and the wholesale prices we offer to our partners is a way for them to complete their client jobs easily. Whether they choose high-quality vinyl wrap printing services or full design, printing and installation vehicle wrap services, we like to spread the word that we are here to aid you in filling customer orders.

Wholesale partnerships are important and every business, no matter what type, relies on vendors and outsourcing some of their needs to keep their businesses running successfully.

That’s just what we did for AMB Signs of Dover Foxcroft Maine located in Piscataquis County with eye-catching Chevy Express van wraps. Although AMB Signs are experts at sign and banner designs and have 15 years of experience, when one of their clients wanted to dress up their Chevy Express van with van wraps and turn the vehicle into a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement, Carl Brackett of AMB Signs took advantage of our wholesale partnering services.

AMB Signs and their client had a long-term client relationship and didn’t want to refer them to another sign company that specializes in vehicle wraps and graphics—they might lose that customer! Instead, the wholesale connection came into play benefiting both AMB Signs and Sunrise Signs!

Because we do have years of expertize with vehicle wraps, we became the perfect choice for AMB Signs and their wholesale wrap printing and design services. Owner Carl Brackett and his company had worked with vinyl banners in the past but when their repeat customer came to them to help boost sales for their appliance store and wanted to wrap their Chevy Express van they called us and simply explained their situation.

We started off behind the scenes working with AMB Signs on a design. AMB Signs came in with the knowledge and goals of their client and Sunrise Signs jumped in and asked the right questions to ensure these wholesale to the trade vehicle wraps would not only get noticed, but would receive appreciation and satisfaction from the client. In these days of a tight economy, we all know how important it is to please the customer with outstanding CRM skills.

Of this partnership, owner Carl Brackett said of Sunrise Signs, “They were very obliging to help me through the process, including design, material use and most of all, instructions for the application.”

With a satisfied customer,  AMB Signs was pleased to tell us how “The customer was pleased above all his expectations.” And that the client was “…Speechless except for Wow, Wow, Wow!!!”

Wholesale Vehicle wrap printing services

For graphic designers, marketing and advertising agencies and sign companies we urge you to take on vehicle graphics and wrap clients even if your expertise lies in other arenas. Not only can we ensure customer satisfaction, we like to think of our wholesale customers as part of the team it takes to design, print and install vehicle wraps.

Instead of “thinking” you can do the job, be confident you can do the job and give us a call at 1-855-USA-WRAP. We work with wholesale clients nationwide and every element from design to printing to even installation can be outsourced to Sunrise Signs gaining you another area of services you can offer to your sign clients. Let us show you how we can help you make more money with vehicle wraps and WOW your clients just like we did for AMB Signs!


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