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Got Laundry Really Delivers With Chevy Astro Van Wraps In Philadelphia

Got Laundry Chevy Astro Van Wrap in Philadelphia - Sunrise SignsHow does a family-owned laundry service company get noticed and drive sales in Philadelphia? Got Laundry is reaping the advertising benefits of investing in Chevy Astro van wraps! Since 2009, Ray Wall and his family have been offering an amazing service! They’ll pick up your laundry or dry cleaning and deliver it back to you clean, fresh and folded! When it comes to laundry, some folks consider it one of the most time-consuming chores ever—who has the time but everyone needs clean laundry!

As Got Laundry says, “Maybe you dream of never having to do your laundry ever again!” Now this dream is a reality for this pick-up and delivery laundry/dry-cleaning service and for those on their routes (and that route list is growing) laundry is never a worry—simply pack it up, they’ll pick it up, make sure it’s cleaned to perfection and deliver it right to your door!

Taking its name from a great advertising spin, “Got” Laundry offers laundry cleaning services with no contracts or no minimum order and offers twice-a-week route service. For those who don’t need a twice-a-week service, you can call when you need it and they skip the delivery charges!

Since the Wall family already utilized a great ad spin for their company name and because their delivery vehicles are on the road much of the time, they knew they’d benefit from fleet vehicle wraps. They asked Sunrise Signs to make their fleet of delivery vehicles as noticeable and memorable as their corporate name and we did just that!

The first project was the Chevy Astro van wraps and the images below show just how much this vehicle stands out in a crowd after its rejuvenation. Van wraps are more affordable and receive more visuals than any other advertising medium today and instead of wasting advertising dollars, each van wrap invested dollar does its work each and every day. And, these Chevrolet Astro van wraps don’t just get noticed on the city streets of Philadelphia, they get noticed even when stationary because the eye just can’t turn away from this smart way to advertise.

For these Chevy Astro van wraps, we took the once dull van and prominently placed the company name across the sides with stand-out laundry pins and a great catchphrase, “Drop your pants! And never do laundry again…” The imagery of the laundry basket and a pile of folded laundry enhances the memorability of these van wraps—we remember what we see. Also on the sides we included their website URL, telephone number and the services they offer including free pick-up and delivery.

Subtle design details of laundry icons were also an inspiration of our graphic designers and were incorporated right into these wraps along with an imagery testament of where they’re located by embedding a Philadelphia landmark building. The greys and reds utilized matched their corporate colors and are streamlined from the front to the sides to the rear on these Chevy Astro van wraps.

We’re pretty proud of this vehicle wrap transformation and as far as Got Laundry’s fleet goes, stay tuned for a stunning transformation of their fleet including PT Cruiser car wraps. Take a look at the before and after images below and be sure to read some of our great customer testimonials!

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