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MyPhillyWraps.comIt’s no secret vehicle graphics and wraps are a smart choice for using budgeted advertising dollars for all size businesses. Vehicle wraps have become the 21st Century affordable advertising method turning cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and trailers into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements with a one-time investment. Wraps offer the affordability and peace of mind of one bill and no monthly advertising invoices! Businesses with a company car, a fleet of vehicles or those that need a franchise branding boost can find the very best vehicle wraps at

Sunrise Signs Has Its Own Success Story

Because we have 20 years of vehicle wraps advertising and fleet branding experience, we know our Philadelphia and South Jersey customers are generating more leads and clients and we’re proud of the “Philly wraps” we’ve designed, created and installed. We didn’t just become Number One by installing traditional vehicle wraps—we put the word “custom” in customization making the popular choice and our customer testimonials prove it!

Our Vision and Methodology

Many of our customers tell us they’ve been to other vehicle graphics and wrap companies and aren’t happy with results such as window perforations, uneven seams and bubbles in the wraps. Another concern we also hear a lot is how customers don’t feel they were involved in the artwork process and design.

To Sunrise Signs, creating graphics and vehicle wraps goes beyond just the process itself. We involve our customers from start to finish keeping them apprised of progress and because we’re so technologically savvy, we make customer contact easy. We also know how important our customers like the one-on-one approach of a VoIP meetings and telephone contact so we implement these into our customer satisfaction strategy. An informed customer is a happy, life-long customer and many of our clients have reported double-digit comparable sale increases meaning by installing vehicle wraps, they’re beating their competitors.

Branding Experts

We don’t just design and install vehicle wraps, we are branding experts with an online blog, The Brantastic Marketing & Advertising Blog offering industry tips on branding, rebranding, social media marketing tips, advertising hot topics as well as unique ways to make vehicle graphics get noticed—plus much more!

Backing up our knowledge and expertise is easy via customer freebies such as our Car Wrap Information Kit, Vehicle Wrap ROI calculator and QR Marking Code Kit. We are confident enough to offer these free marketing essentials to current and potential clients and because we do, is reaching the local clientele in Philadelphia and South Jersey—Delaware too—your Tri-State land of car wrapping!

Your Needs, Our Promise

Making the affordable investment into vehicle graphic and wraps shouldn’t be a “trust us” process. That’s why our graphic designers consult with clients to gain a clear focus on their needs, their brand and their vision before the artwork even begins. Sunrise Signs also works with marketing and advertising agencies to ensure their client wraps are top notch and achieve desired effects.

We offer a five year warranty on all our Philly wraps and this proven advertising method is more affordable than traditional ad venues because a single vehicle wrap can receive between 30,000 to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day. We’ve heard time and time again because wraps are 100 percent removable and offer more protection for original manufacturer paint, they make company, fleet and franchise vehicles easy to turn when they’ve reach their useful asset life and it’s time to sell them.

We’re Philly Wraps Fanatics

Another advantage of is our heritage. Our Sunrise Signs family are natives and live in Philadelphia and South Jersey—we know the local lingo, cheer on our favorite sports teams and above all, never offer vehicle wraps similar to your competitor. We drive the streets of Philadelphia and South Jersey too so we know what wrap designs are out there so we strive for uniqueness and quality in our wraps—we like to call ourselves Philly fanatics.

Vehicle graphic and wraps are just one part of our organization and to further aid in brand consistency, we also offer window, wall and floor wraps—Philly inspired with the images, logos, corporate colors and designs you need to build your brand consistently.


Although we are a nationwide vehicle graphics and wraps enterprise we are proud of our roots and our biggest fans are the home team—our Philadelphia and South Jersey clients.

Ready to jump on the Philly wraps band wagon and gain more sales revenues with your 24/7 moving billboard advertisement? Jump on over to, browse some of the ideas in our photo gallery, read some of our customer success stories and watch some cool videos on the vehicle wrapping process.

We’re confident will hear from you soon...take at look at our new Acura turned into a noticeable Philly wraps ad!


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