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108th Wing of the Air National Guard Goes Environmental With Trailer Wraps in New Jersey!

Posted on Fri, Aug, 31, 2012

108th Wing Air National Guard Environmental Trailer WrapsThe 108th Wing of the Air National Guard is an aerial refueling unit with headquarters at McGuire Air Force Base in Trenton New Jersey. This Mercer County Air National Guard wing is dedicated to green energy—as is the entire U.S. Air National Guard.

With a goal of generating 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by year 2025, the Air National Guard also wants to educate folks everywhere (with an emphasis on our children) about being more green and saving the planet.

In fact, by 2015 the Air National Guard is also hoping to reduce overall energy use by 30 percent—quite the achievement for this military division.  Beyond the 108th Wing, other bases with a focus on using energy wisely include the Ohio Air National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing and the Fresno Air National Guard Base. Each has installed wind or solar energy equipment to reduce their carbon footprint. In Arizona, the 162 Fighter Wing has installed floodlights at the Tucson National Airport and all are powered via solar systems.

Other areas of energy-saving achievements include plans to construct or retrofit green roofs to insulate facilities and reduce rainwater runoff and bases all over the United States all look to be more energy conscious about the environment.

The 108th Wing Air National Guard had a special mission in mind—energy education with a focus on children and their families.

In order to help people be more energy aware and to help get this message out, the 108th Wing turned to Sunrise Signs for some trailer wraps advertising. Vehicle Graphics and trailer wraps are affordable and noticeable ways to enhance messages about being green and more environmentally aware. And, what better way to do this than with huge trailer wraps that stand out with contrasting colors and graphics that portray this environmental message?

For these trailer wraps, our graphic designers used primary colors, images of children and our planet along with the green and recognizable recycling logo. A vast area of these trailer wraps included images of a lake, mountains and a bald eagle. Prominently embedded into these trailer wraps were the 108th Wing Environmental campaign along with their National Guard logo.

Messages of “Protect the earth for our children’s future” and “Please stop polluting, it’s my future” with kid images helped to round out these trailer wraps.

We know the 108th Wing of the Air National Guard is getting more exposure with these “save the planet” trailer wraps and in fact, messages, product branding and name recognition are one of the most advantageous elements trailer wraps offer.

Take a look at these environmental trailer wraps below and don’t forget to read some of our great customer testimonials!

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