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ConnectNet IT Solutions Gets Techie with Honda Odyssey Van Wraps in Rockland County NY!

ConnectNet IT Solutions Honda Odyssey van wraps in New YorkFounded in 2001, ConnectNet Solutions is an IT company located in Monsey New York and serves the New York Tri-State area as well as Rockland Westchester and Rockland Counties and Northern New Jersey.

This computer IT company is a “fear not” sort of solution for all businesses—large and small—even if the owners and users are lost on technology.  Some of the products and services they provide include server upgrades, computer support services, firewall security, server installation and support and remote access VPNs (virtual private networks).

ConnectNet Solutions says of their enterprise, we are: “A catalyst for network changes, harnessing the dynamic potential of new technologies, while managing the stability of the enhanced network we help you create.” That’s a lot of IT techie stuff and if you don’t know what you’re doing or your server or network crashes, you could be in for some woes if you don’t have the right IT computer company behind you.

With vast experience in Internet, telephone, and security technology, ConnectNet Solutions offers just that—solutions; especially flexible solutions. No matter what industry you’re in, you most likely need computers, firewalls and a network to keep your business running and Connect Net searches for cost-effective solutions for your IT needs. Need to move your IT—not a problem for ConnectNet!

Because they partner with some of the top technological suppliers like Lenovo, HP, Microsoft and Trend Micro, you can bet the products they install and monitor will run smoothly and effectively. They provide what they call the THINK method or Technology, Hardware, Infrastructure, Networks and Know How!

There are many computer IT companies out there offering just what ConnectNet offers so they turned to Sunrise Signs to give their Honda Odyssey Van a “byte” up with van wraps that would get noticed with tons of visuals as they drive the roads from client to client.

Van and car wraps advertising are the new way to go as far as branding and company name recognition and are more affordable than traditional advertising methods.

For these Honda Odyssey van wraps, we started with their cool company colors—purple and green and not one area of this vehicle wrap was spared as we used the area of the Honda Odyssey wisely.

On the sides of these van wraps we incorporate their logo, some binary code, telephone number and website URL and a QR (quick response) code for smartphone scanners that links directly to their website. We also embedded into these graphics a list of their most popular services—servers, desktops and phones. The hood and top of the Honda Odyssey were also wrapped giving the van a unique look and on the rear we included their “THINK” method of IT solutions.

We think these van wraps for this IT computer company turned out great see below before and after pictures) and above all, they are getting the visual views they want as they drive the roads of their target market.

Have a van you need wrapped for your business? Want to get noticed faster than with newspaper, TV or radio ads? If so contact us and be sure to read some of our great customer testimonials!

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