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Expert Service Providers (ESP) Uses Honda Element Car Wraps for Advertising in Montgomery County PA

Posted on Thu, Aug, 23, 2012

ESP and Nationwide car wraps advertisingFounded in 2001, Expert Service Providers (ESP) has been named one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies by the Philadelphia Business Journal for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Providing Voice over IP communications and Managed IT services they are headquartered in King of Prussia Pennsylvania in Montgomery County and also have offices in Philadelphia and Baltimore with clients nationwide in over 30 states.

As their website notes, all businesses rely on technology to and drive their business and it can be difficult for the layman to explore and understand new developments in technology to make a business run more efficiently. That’s where ESP comes in.

Not only can they become your IT network in-house specialist providing support, they also offer hosted PBX and business quality VoIP off site hosting along with dedicated internet access. ESP also offers free carrier services (voice, data, Internet) evaluations to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Although they have a large customer base, ESP looked for a way to uniquely advertise and find brand identity. To do this, they asked Sunrise Signs to design, create and install Honda Element car wraps for more exposure—a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement if you will.

For these Honda Element car wraps, we used their corporate colors (blue and orange), colorful logos on the hood, back and sides of the car wraps and even a QR (quick response) code for smartphone scanners. We also used their catchphrase, “Delivering Technology for Today’s Business,” website URL and toll-free telephone number along with a short-list of what the technology services they provide.

For the graphic portion of these Honda Element car wraps we embedded IT and network components to further portray what ESP’s brand identity. Now, as this Honda Element wrapped with stylish and noticeable car wraps drives the roads of the areas ESP serves, it is receiving the visuals and name recognition car wraps advertising brings.

If you find you are in need of car wraps whether it’s to announce a product, help build a brand, advertise or for franchise or fleet vehicles, Sunrise Signs is here to help you and we offer our car wraps nationwide.

Check out the ESP Honda Element images below and be sure to read some of our great customer testimonials.

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