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Natural Pain Supplement Curamin Brands Product with Volvo S60 Car Wraps in NJ!

Posted on Thu, Aug, 16, 2012

Curamin Product Distributor Volvo S60 car wrapsThese days, drug manufacturers have a mission and some think they are more in business to make money than to find drugs to heal. Many folks are turning to natural supplements for everything from menopause to pain relief and this industry can now boast quite the following of consumers, pharmacists and physicians.

Natural supplements like Cohosh Root, Echinacea and flaxseed oil are all popular and are so mainstream these days most can be found in grocery stores not just health food stores. This is what Curamin is all about. Curamin is helping thousands rid themselves of pain issues instead of using addicting narcotics or NSAIDs that can battle our intestinal systems.

What’s Curamin? This natural pain supplement contains a super-absorption curcumin called BCM-95 that can be up to ten times stronger than plain curcumin products. Curcumin is found in the Indian spice Turmeric and many supplements on the market today containing curcumin don’t provide the correct level of curcumin—but Curamin does! Shown to alleviate pain it works by balancing the body’s natural inflammatory response to stop pain in its tracks. Learn more about what Curamin can do for pain naturally by visiting their national website.

For natural supplement and other product distributors it can be a challenge to let your target market know about your product. That’s when a Curamin distributor in New Jersey turned to Sunrise Signs to help spread their product message with unique Volvo S60 car wraps.

Because product distributors need to convey clearly what it is they sell, our in-house graphic designers worked with the distributor to include the most important elements on the Volvo S60 car wraps.

These elements included a QR (quick response) code smartphone users could scan which leads directly to the Curamin website, a toll-free telephone number, website URL and a picture of the product. We also thought it important to clearly state what Curamin does by adding “Got Pain” all over the vehicle along with the words, “natural pain relief.”

It’s true that one in five Americans turn to natural healing methods each year and that number is rising based on the side-effects that can come with traditional medications.

Now, as this Volvo S60 drives the street and announces how Curamin can help relieve pain naturally, folks are receiving a visual impression by simply glancing at this 24/7 moving billboard advertisement. Are you a product distributor and want to get your product noticed? If so, why not let us show you how car wraps are affordable and will get your product noticed in no time!

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