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Home Energy Team Saves and Gets Noticed With Trailer Graphics in Burlington County NJ!

Home Energy Team Trailer Graphics and LetteringYou can find the experts of the Home Energy Team in a multitude of places, but the Team in Southampton New Jersey truly stands out above the rest! Not only did they expand to a new 5,500 square foot facility in 2010, along with a 32 foot by 4 foot billboard in South Jersey, they grew in less than 24 months as the State’s leading resource for energy assessments, efficiency upgrades and home performance training.

As certified Energy Star contractors, the Home Energy Team has performed over 1,000 energy audits, 500 home weatherization projects and has worked closely with New Jersey’s Natural Gas and its SaveGreen Program including the gas enhanced rebate program.

Weatherization simply saves money and energy and that is the goal of this energy education provider and contractor. The Home Energy Team offers classes in LEED Certification and solar installation and with over 20 employees, subcontractors and affiliates, they are enabling homes and businesses substantially reduce utility costs.

How is this done? After an audit, the Team can recommend alternative energy solutions in lighting, water heating and insulation. Think customized rain barrels and LED lighting, for example. And, as the Home Energy Team realizes, “Sustainable products and solutions are desperately needed as we navigate an uncertain future of energy production and environmental impact. A quick visit to their nationwide website will open your eyes on energy and why simple changes can do a lot to help save energy dollars.

So, how does an energy savings enterprise get noticed and spread the message across the regions it serves? Two words: trailer graphics and lettering!

At Sunrise Signs, we turned their black work trailer into a noticeable 24/7 moving billboard advertisement with graphic lettering by inserting a message of how they are a “mean green energy saving machine,” website URL and toll-free telephone number—not to mention the green energy leaf we all identify with when it comes to saving energy.

We also included what they do, “home energy efficiency experts,” the Energy Star logo and how they are an accredited contractor by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). While subtle in comparison to full vehicle graphics and wraps, trailer graphics and lettering are affordable ways to gain road visual impressions and name recognition.

Sunrise Signs can also help your contracting business with full work trailer wraps to help your business really get noticed and include logos, catchphrases, images and even QR (quick response) codes for smartphone scanners.

We know the Home Energy Team is getting noticed in New Jersey as their business continues to grow. Be sure to read some of our customer testimonials and reviews and if you’ve got a work trailer you need wrapped, contact us for a free quote today!

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