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The Quakertown Band in Bucks County Jazzes Up Trailer with Trailer Wraps!

Posted on Wed, Aug, 08, 2012

Quakertown Band trailer wrapsThe history of the Quakertown Band located in Quakertown Pennsylvania is an interesting one to be sure. The band’s catchphrase: Bucks County’s Oldest Musical Organization hardly says it all; the band was first organized in 1877 and is still going strong today.

This 45-member musical organization boasts both amateur and semi-professional musicians (and they’re always looking for more) of all ages. They specialize in overtures, Broadway and show tunes, big band, swing, Dixieland and marches. Theme concerts are available as well.

Now in its 135th year, The Quakertown Band grew from 23 inspired men in February of 1877 to the regional success it is today. In 1954, the band relocated by purchasing a building on North Hellertown Avenue in Quakertown which remains its home today.

The band evolved with the times and in the 1930s and 1940s offered swing music as it followed along with the Big Band Era often inviting female singers to perform with the band.

Today the band not only performs regular concerts (you can visit their website for schedules), but is also available for corporate events, community events and concerts in the park.

With all these musicians comes instruments and gear and what better way to get from one performance to another than with a box trailer? And, why not really get noticed and build brand identity with band trailer wraps? That’s why The Quakertown Band came to Sunrise Signs.

This trailer wrap became a special project of ours as we worked with the band to include their recognizable “Q-Guitar” logo but also portray the band’s history right on the trailer graphics. Using a slant line, we were able to show musicians of the past and present on each side and blend them with their corporate colors. We did the same with past and present musicians on each end of these trailer wraps.

Also included is a menu-list of musical services offered, their website URL and telephone number and of course the message that The Quakertown Band is “One of American’s Oldest & Most Entertaining Community Bands.”

Now as this band trailer travels the roads of Bucks County it not only garners thousands of visual impressions, it’s helping to spread the word this band is alive and well and is ready to play.

Take a look at what we feel are some outstanding trailer wraps and if you have a band (small or large) and a trailer and are looking to turn your trailer into a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement, contact us and we’ll be happy to design, create and install your band trailer wraps no matter where you are in the USA!

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