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Goodfish Grill in Wildwood New Jersey ‘Fishes’ Up a PT Cruiser With Car Wraps!

Posted on Tue, Jul, 10, 2012

Goodfish Grill advertises with car wrapsLocated in Cape May County home of one of America’s best vacation destinations—Wildwood New Jersey sits the Goodfish Grill. Owner John Paxton created this cozy seafood restaurant next to his other popular restaurant—Juan Pablo’s Margarita Bar & Restaurant for those looking to skip those chain seafood venues and instead, he created a more intimate dining experience.

As Jon likes to say, “I’ve made it my passion to combine the best experience, taste and style to dining and nightlife” and at the Goodfish Grill, he’s done just that! Chef Jeff Fairman also contributes to this seafood restaurant and it’s quickly getting noticed.

Awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in 2011, Paxton says of Goodfish Grill, “I wanted to create a place where you can get a pitcher of beer, some mussels and clams in a restaurant that isn’t serving 1,000 dinners a night.”

Along with this 44-seat restaurant comes the advantage of ordering take-out food or having food delivered to your home or hotel room.

That’s when Goodfish Grill turned to Sunrise Signs to get their message of take-out and delivery service across to customers.  The black PT Cruiser began as just a bland delivery vehicle, but after car wraps, became a moving billboard message and folks took notice right away.

Our graphic designers used Goodfish Grill’s branding “sky blue” colors and included their catchphrase in the car wraps: “Seafood so Good, It’s Heavenly.” Next the words “Call Now for Delivery” were placed on the sides of the PT Cruiser with the Grill’s telephone number prominent and a hint of the menu by placing “Seafood, Steaks and More” on these car wraps.

Of course Goodfish Grill’s location in Wildwood New Jersey was also a must-have in this car wrap along with the Grill’s website URL for those who want quick online access to the restaurant for ordering or to make a reservation.

This PT Cruiser may be little in size but after the full car wrap was finished, it now drives the streets and is definitely an attention getter!

At Sunrise Signs our goal is to offer the very best car wraps at the best prices and we ensure our team of graphic designers and installers keep the wants and needs of our customers in mind—all the time.

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We think these PT Cruiser car wraps came out “heavenly!” Take a look…

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