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Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey Gets Vehicle Wraps on a Modified Ford E250!

Posted on Wed, Jul, 04, 2012

Bacharach Rehabilitation Institute Vehicle WrapsBacharach Institute for Rehabilitation is located in Pomona New Jersey and offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab services. They also have satellite offices throughout South Jersey so they are not far away if you need them.

In business for over 85 years, the Bacharach Rehabilitation Institute offers transport services to get you to their 50-bed acute rehabilitation hospital fast. Through advances in technology, they use a team approach of the most qualified of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and rehabilitation specialists to help you recover from strokes and surgery. They even help if you’re suffering from arthritis and are also boasting a new sleep center.

Their goal is to help each patient (whether outpatient or inpatient) get back on their feet through intensive rehabilitation programs. Along with their 50-bed hospital they also offer a level two rehab center called the Renaissance Pavilion which has received a five-star rating from Medicare.

From amputees to stroke victims to those with joint replacement, Bacharach Rehabilitation Institute (BRI) is there to serve its patients with care like none other.

When Sunrise Signs was first contacted about vehicle wraps for BRI’s modified Ford E250 vehicle, our first contact was through their advertising agency. While the advertising agency came up with the original concept for the vehicle wraps, Sunrise Signs was able to sharpen it up a bit, print it and install it with ease. That just shows how well Sunrise Signs works with other graphic designers and advertising agencies and how we can turn concept designs into vehicle wraps that get noticed.

Now their fleet vehicle wraps are on the street 24/7 as a moving billboard and graphics and wraps do get noticed. We’d like to express to any advertising agencies out there that we are your go-to sign people for all your vehicle wrap needs and we do install nationwide!

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Take a look at the final modified Ford E250 vehicle wraps for Bacharach Rehabilitation Institute…

Installation of Ford E250 Vehicle Wraps

Ambulance Medical Transport Vehicle Wraps

New Jersey Vehicle Wraps

Ford E250 Vehicle Wraps

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