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Scorpion Computers in Philadelphia Cruises Around With Honda Fit Car Wraps!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 28, 2012

Scorpion Computers gets partial vehicle wapsAt Scorpion Computers where their motto is “We Do Computers Right” they mean it! Who hasn’t wanted to throw their PC or laptop out the window when they get an error, lose data or the entire computer locks up? That’s why Scorpion Computers began their computer repair enterprise back in 2007.

This computer repair store does more than just offer residential services they also work with many small businesses and provide IT solutions and support. Got a problem with your smartphone or gaming device, they can help with that too!

Owners Wojtek Paciorek and Matthew Protasewicz are proud of their fast turn-around and competitive pricing and the company is located in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. These guys succeed because they know computers inside and out and it’s not like taking your computer to a big chain store and never being able to talk to the same person!

Because they visit customers all over the Philadelphia area, they wanted to make the company’s Honda Fit come alive and burst with their brand. That’s when they asked us at Sunrise Signs to come up with some unique partial vehicle wraps to help get their computer repair company noticed.

They worked with our in-house graphic designers and their vehicle wraps were born. Included in this Honda Fit car wrap was their scorpion logo nestled in between their company colors of orange and green.

We think it turned out great—take a look…

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Check out this testimonial....

"I am the co-owner of Scorpion Computers, a Philadelphia based computer repair company. We have gotten our vehicle wrapped a couple of months ago. I have nothing but praise for Sunrise Signs. The car really stands out. The design is original and eye catching. They have designed something that we, as a company, will probably stick with for the life of the company. Our corporate theme, so to speak. The price was right; the product is guaranteed, and so far so good. Friendly staff and their attention to the customer is the gravy on top of an already excellent package. Needless to say we are doing more business with these guys."

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