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New Jersey American Water Dresses Up Fleet of Chevy Express Vans with Van Wraps!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 28, 2012

New Jersey Fleet Van WrapsNew Jersey American Water serves approximately 2.5 million people in 17 counties! Their services include providing the freshest of water and wastewater services. They are also committed to education on water conservation and follow EPA regulations to ensure every glass of water is of the highest of quality and safe for drinking.

If you are a customer, a visit to their website and you can get an awesome water education including Water 101, The Value of Water and even read the Dr. Water Blog. And, we all know how important this nonrenewable source of energy is!

Water is a necessary element in our daily lives and at New Jersey American Water, they not only realize this, they use the very best methods to keep customer service high whether it’s a new hookup or paying your bill online.

This utility company realizes today’s consumers are savvy so their interactive website is of the full-service variety where you can report a problem or find out how to detect a leak. Even requests for service can be found on their website!

Because they are Internet savvy and also know one of the quickest ways to get noticed is encompassing your brand everywhere you can, they turned to Sunrise Signs for a fleet Chevrolet Express Van wraps.

As their crews are out on the streets of New Jersey, they wanted their fleet van wraps to make a statement. At Sunrise Signs, our in-house graphic designers made sure their fleet of Chevy Express Van wraps were of the pure and simple variety. Blues for water, white to enhance the blue and their star logo along with a message to their New Jersey customers, “Use Water Wisely!”

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We’re proud of how this fleet of Chevrolet Express van wraps came out! Take a look…

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