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New York City Junkluggers Uses Fiat 500 Cruisers with Car Wraps for Branding!

Posted on Fri, Jun, 08, 2012

Brand with car wrapsBack in 2004 when Josh “Shuki” Cohen returned to the U.S. after a trip to Australia, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur but what to do? His simple idea of literally getting rid of unwanted junk turned Junkluggers into a trash hauling enterprise servicing New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

But Junkluggers wasn’t just any hauling service. Shuki Cohen wanted a company that focused on an environmentally friendly way to dispose of all the “junk” he hauled away.

The process is simple—you call Junkluggers and as they say, “You point, we lug!” They offer no obligation estimates you can obtain right online from their website using a price-by-volume pricing strategy.

Junkluggers doesn’t just haul all your junk to a landfill either! If they find salvageable items deemed appropriate for donation, they’ll do that for you and provide you with a tax deductible receipt from the non-profit! What could be better than that? Oh, they also clean up the area once the junk is removed!

The company was a hit and by 2011, Junkluggers boasted a fleet of hauling trucks! Still, Shuki Cohen wanted a way to ride through tight city streets in New York City announcing his message so in 2012, enter the Fiat 500 with a full car wrap exploding with noticeable graphics—it was a hit.

When they came to Sunrise Signs with their two Fiat 500s, they were neat, but dull (see below).

Fiat 500s with no car wrap

At Sunrise Signs, our expert in-house designers came up with two distinct branding car wraps for Junkluggers full of snazzy graphics so when driving the city street, people would take notice of the company and what services they offered.

We used their logo and unique green/white company colors to continue their New York City branding campaign and really dressed up those Fiat 500s—even the wheels got that extra special touch! In fact, these cruisers were perfect for including a QR code!

If you’ve got a Fiat 500 Cruiser or any other kind of car you think might help your branding efforts, we can help! All of our car wraps are 100 percent removable and made out of heavy duty adhesive vinyl which protects the paint. As far as affordability? You’ll be shocked when you compare car wrap pricing to other forms of advertising—car wraps are the better bang for your buck and you can’t throw them away like ads in newspapers!

Ready for a car wrap for your New York City, New Jersey or Connecticut cruisers to improve your brand identity? Take a look at what we did for Junkluggers below and then give us a call at 1-855-USA-WRAPS—you’ll be glad you did!

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The awesome car wrap transformation of Junkluggers two Fiat 500s…

Junklugers Fiat 500 car wrap

Car wraps include the wheels!

Junkluggers fleet of Fiat 500s with car wraps

New York City Car Wrap

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