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Tired of Paying Google for Leads? Vehicle Wraps Drive Sales!

Posted on Fri, Jan, 15, 2016

vand.jpgWe’ve all heard of pay-per-click (PPC) ads but for some reason, Google Adwords doesn’t sound as “expensive” as saying “pay-per-click campaign.” The truth is the average small business owner spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month using Google Adwords campaigns and that’s a big advertising expense. If you’re tired of paying for Google leads, why not let vehicle wraps drive sales?

Dropping PPC Ads

Are we saying small businesses should drop pay-per-click ads altogether? No, but you need to understand that all PPC companies rely on Google Adwords to run PPC ads for you so it’s important to set limits.

Use Vehicle Wraps and Drop Pay Per Click AdsPPC ads are no different than bidding for an item in an ecommerce store like eBay. If you’re a landscape contractor, you may be willing to pay $3 per click for the keyword “landscape contractors in Detroit” but your competitor can easily crush you by offering $5 or even $10 for that same keyword pushing your ads off page one of Google.

Corporate America pays a lot for running Adwords campaigns—up to $55 Million per year.

Advertising is something all business must do. Annual budgets should be set and every small business should analyze which ad venue is bringing in the most sales leads—and then drop what isn’t working - or at least cut it back a bit.

One ad medium that is always successful is vehicle wraps—and at a cost of pennies per impression instead of dollars.

Manageable and Smart Advertising

Vehicle Wraps Cost Pennies Per Cost Per 1000 ImpressionsVehicle wraps and graphics will cost you approximately thirty-five cents per 1,000 impressions. CENTs, not DOLLARS! There are still naysayers out there. We hear these statements all the time:

  • But vehicle wraps don’t have the wide audience TV or radio does
  • People in my area love to read my Sunday newspaper ads
  • Our local TV rep says we’re reaching thousands upon thousands of consumers in our target market area!

Those statements may all be true but the true power of vehicle wraps for small businesses is better defined by these statements:

They reach all demographics – Because your vehicles are moving advertisements, they reach every demographic. Like radio and TV ads where you pay a higher price for premium spot times, that’s not the case with vehicle wraps.

They are a silent referral – All businesses gain new leads by word of mouth and that’s what wrapping just one vehicle can do. Imagine your wrapped work van parked in a customer’s driveway. When it’s time for a neighbor to use your service, who do you think they’ll remember first? They’ll remember your wrap.

Vehicle Wraps fit All Budgets for Every CompanyThey allow room for other ad expensesBecause you are spending cents and not dollars for your vehicle wraps, it allows room in your budget for local radio, TV and newspaper ads or even that small PPC campaign you want to run.

There is a graphics package for every budget – Don’t want a full wrap? Even partial wraps, truck lettering, and spot graphics will reach your target market, even when parked.

We live in a fast-paced visual world – Today’s consumers want visuals and that is what vehicle wraps and graphics truly are. Approximately 95 percent of people remember the graphics they see on vehicles.

They are a viable solution for any type of business – It doesn’t matter whether you are a contractor or a florist or sell IT services or office supplies. If you wrap your company vehicles, they will reel in business.

Double Your Visual Impact

sprinter-van-wraps1.jpgOnline marketing is also essential if you want to reach customers. They will search for your product or service on the Internet before they purchase. We recommend matching your website colors to your vehicle wraps—especially your logos, taglines, and slogans.

Exact color matching is made possible with our PMS color matching system. Have a hue of blue that is yours and yours alone? No problem, we can match it and use it on your vehicle wraps.

Make a Change

Want to drive more leads than ever this year? Tired of paying Google for leads? It is time for vehicle wraps and graphics! Boost your sales, brand your company, and market your products and services all at once with one ad tool. Let us show you how!

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Images: Income Activator / Learn More Everyday


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