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4 Huge Benefits of Leveraging Your Brand With Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Posted on Thu, Sep, 05, 2019

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Commercial vehicle wrap branding comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, designed to meet the specific advertising needs of any business and budget.  Some wraps are made up of cut decals and lettering, while others involve covering every area of a vehicle with color, information, and brand elements.  Here we’ll take a look at how commercial vehicle wraps will help you leverage your brand and increase your business.

Delaware County Vehicle Wraps

Commercial vehicle wraps increase your brand recognition

Your brand is one of the most important tools your business has.  Your company's logo, colors, slogan, and culture all help shape and define how customers interact with your business.  Your brand might already be visualized on business cards, trade show displays, and other promotional materials. But if you’ve got a fleet of trucks, vans, and cars that aren’t branded, then you’re missing out on the biggest advertising opportunity of all: commercial vehicle wraps.  

24/7 Advertising

New Jersey Box Truck Wrap

Moving or stopped, commercial vehicle wraps are always on the job

A vehicle fleet is at a job sites, driving around town, parked during a lunch break - it's always in motion and on the move.  These are all opportunities that you can take advantage of by having a wrapped and branded vehicle fleet.  Traditional advertising channels like print and outdoor limit the exposure to your brand: customer’s only see your business if they open a specific magazine or pass a billboard on a specific road.  But with commercial vehicle wraps no matter where you go, you’re getting your business’s brand out into the world and exposing new customers to your company and services. 

First Impressions

South Jersey Fleet Branding

Professional companies have professional fleets

First impressions matter - this is a tough truth of life that we all have to be aware of.  So what kind of impression does your service fleet make when driving around town or arriving at a customer’s home?  Do your customers see a clean, professionally branded work truck rolling down their driveway or are they greeted with a rusty white van with a crooked magnet on it?  First impressions matter. That’s why commercial vehicle wraps are so essential to any branding strategy - there often going to be the first time a customer sees your brand and company in the real world.  By making sure your vehicle wrap design incorporates the same logos, colors, and elements found on your website, your customers will be staring down the barrels of a well branded business. Not only does this make you look good, but your customers will be confident and assured when they’re introduced to a properly branded and professional looking fleet.  

Brand Consistency

Philadelphia Truck Wrap

A wrapped fleet adds a new channel for branding and customer impressions

Making sure your brand elements are consistent across all marketing channels is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your advertising investments, and commercial vehicle wraps are no different!  By having the design of your vehicle wrap incorporate the same colors, logos, and brand elements as your business cards, website, and apparel you’ll strengthen your company’s ability to provide a consistently branded message no matter where customers interact with it.  The more areas when you have a clear and identified brand are more opportunities to stay in the head-space of your customers.  

Local Influence

South Jersey Box Truck Wraps

The bigger the fleet, the more local head-space you can own

Imagine you have a small fleet of 2-5 white vans and trucks - are your potential customers going to notice them at all?  No, they’re going to see just another white van or truck on the road, there’s tons of them.  But if you have something that catches their eye, now they notice you.  Now they start to see your fleet everywhere, even if it's just the same truck making the usual rounds.  Now your customer’s start to think “Wow, I’m always seeing their trucks on the road, they must be doing something right if there’s always on the hustle.”  That’s the difference that commercial vehicle wraps make.  

Let’s Make It Happen

So now that you’ve seen a few ways that commercial vehicle wraps can help leverage your brand, let’s make it happen.  Click the link below to schedule a free consultation where we’ll assess the needs and goals of your business. Doesn’t matter if you have all the branding in the world or just an idea for a logo - if your not utilizing commercial vehicle wraps, you aren’t properly branding.  

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