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New Vehicle Wrap Statistics Reveal Their True Power!

Vehicle Wraps South JerseyHow many people would you expect to reach for $41.65 per month? If you wanted to place an ad in the local paper for that amount, you would be laughed out of town. Try asking your television station for a spot for that price. They will stop answering your calls. However, you can reach more than 100,000 people for that price when you choose mobile outdoor advertising with vehicle wraps. South Jersey business owners are beginning to recognize this.

Are you still on the fence? To help you with this, Sunrise Signs has compiled a list of statistics from Driving Revenues, a vehicle advertising firm in Washington, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

What Will $20K Get You?

To really understand the power of advertising with vehicle wraps, South Jersey enterprises should look at how many people they can reach with $20,000 in advertising money:

  • With single postcard mailers and other direct mail, 20,000 addresses are reached
  • In a home mailing Value Pak kind of envelope, 600,000 households are reached
  • For two months of advertising on five to seven buses, 600,000 impressions are made
  • For one month of advertising on a billboard, 700,000 impressions are made
  • New Vehicle Wrap StatisticsFor ten to twelve radio commercials of 30 seconds over a six week period, 900,000 listeners are reached
  • And, with a vehicle wrap, in one year, there are 8.4 MILLION impressions made

It should be noted that vehicle wraps last much longer than just one year, too. But, for each year, more than nine times as many people are reached with a wrap than any other form of advertising.

New Vehicle Wrap Statistics

Here are 13 more reasons to choose vehicle wraps to advertise your business:

  1. 85 percent of people of all income levels are reached by mobile marketing
  2. For promoting your services, brand, events, products, and company, vinyl wraps are the perfect alternative
  3. Between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions are generated each day by one car wrap
  4. South Jersey vehicle wrapsName recognition is boosted fifteen times greater with vehicle graphics than with any other form of advertising media
  5. Of those people who see mobile advertising, 30 percent base their buying decisions on the ads they see
  6. Everyone is reached no matter their profession, background, age, family, income, gender, or ethnic group
  7. Your ad can be placed anywhere you want due to the flexibility of mobile advertising
  8. With less people watching traditional television, listening to the radio, or reading the paper, vehicle wraps are becoming the only way to reach more people
  9. Vehicle wrap audiences cannot change the channel, like they could with TV or radio
  10. Vehicle graphics South JerseyIn the past week, 96 percent of Americans have traveled in a vehicle as a passenger or driver
  11. Vehicle decals make an advertising opportunity out of every traffic jam
  12. The cost per thousand impressions for car wrap marketing is less than all other forms of advertising
  13. If you drive your vehicle the average of 15,000 miles per year, you will reach nine million people

If you are ready to turn your car into a marketing powerhouse, contact Sunrise Signs today!


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