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Creating Brand Awareness in a Local Market via Vehicle Wraps

Local brand awareness with vehicle wraps South JerseyAccording to Investopedia, brand awareness is “The extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.” With that said, how does your brand stand up in your local marketplace? Is it the top brand, a fan favorite voted top best year after year? Is it teetering low compared to your local competitors? Or is it somewhere in the middle? Brand awareness is so important if you want to be successful. Here, we look at how using vehicle wraps will help your brand no matter how well-known or unknown it is.

Local Branding is On-Going

Even if you are the top banana in your marketplace, maintaining your brand identity is an on-going process. You made it to the top but to stay there, you can’t expect consumers just to “remember” you. Local marketers don’t have the name recognition like Apple or Nike.  With vehicle wraps, South Jersey business owners keep their brand fresh on the minds of consumers. In fact, up to 30 percent of vehicle graphic viewers indicate they base buying decisions on the ads they see.

A graphic design placed on the business vehicle of a popular local restaurant, will keep the brand on top as well as grabbing the attention of new clients—“I’ve heard that place is awesome, but I’ve never been.”

Are Vehicle Wraps in Your Ad Budget?

Target customers with vehicle wraps South JerseyWhen the small business owner develops their ad budget each year, more than not they look at traditional venues like TV, radio, newspapers, local mailers, etc. They may even throw in how many marketing events they’ll commit to for the year like being on-site at local events or having informational displays at fairs. Local school and law enforcement sponsorships are also examples of things to place in your ad budget. Vehicle wraps should also be in your ad budget.

If advertising is part of branding and vehicle wraps reach between 30,000 to 70,000 visual views per day, then they should also be in your annual ad budget.

Committing to the Brand Investment

Professional marketers say the hardest challenge they face is getting their clients to commit to investing in their brand. The same is true for business owners that don’t use outside ad agencies to determine the best ways to boost their brand. If you think TV, radio, local newspapers and direct mail are they only ways to get name recognition out about your business, think again.

South Jersey Vehicle WrapsOr, think of wraps on your vehicle another way: Say you commit a fair amount to direct mailers to reach local customers. The problem with these are they’re stuck in the mailboxes of your target market along with so many other direct mailers—you don’t stand out in that mailbox—you do, however, have a pretty good chance of your home mailer being sent directly to the trash. With vehicle wraps, you aren’t competing inside a mailbox for the recipient’s attention. Your vehicle is out on the road all by itself advertising 24/7. You must invest in your brand so why not use a more powerful tool than a direct mailer?

Spreading an Unknown Brand Faster

For the unknown brand or those competing with so many other local brands they get lost in the crowd, vehicle wraps help spread the word about your company faster. They’re also different than other ad tools:

  • Brand awareness with vehicle wraps South JerseyRadio commercials – These can be pretty cheap but repetitive and eventually your local marketplace will tire of them. Full wraps have the possibility of offering a different view on all sides and they are not a boring jingle with the same old music. They are a unique 3D perspective of your business that are eye-grabbing, appealing and memorable.
  • Newspapers – Primary colors—this is sort of how we look at ads in newspapers. Rarely do the publishers of newspapers offer “custom colors.” Your shade of “red” is not the red you see in the finished ad. The same could be said for any other color of the rainbow. With PMS color matching, you’re guaranteed your graphics match your corporate colors exactly. It’s hard for consumers to miss vivid colorful graphics, especially when they’re different so again, your business vehicles get noticed faster and boost brand awareness quicker.
  • TV Ads – These are powerful visuals but they are also expensive. And, if you consider the number of consumers skipping the commercials these days, how can you guarantee you ads will be seen?

Fleet vehicle wraps South JerseyBecause most of your target market buys products or services within five to ten miles of their home or workplace, if you aren’t reaching them, they won’t find you—ever. On the other hand, vehicle wraps turn your business cars, trucks, crossovers and vans into a moving pictorials of your business that never stop advertising even when parked.


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Remember that local brand awareness is on-going. A blend of the right ad tools is the best way to reach your target consumers. Vehicle graphics, whether you choose spot graphics, partial wraps or full wraps, do reach your customers. They also keep top brands on top, and help to strengthen middle to unknown brands faster. 

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